Consider This: U.S. Foreign Policy is Connected to the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Nations across Europe currently find themselves embroiled in a massive refugee crisis unlike any seen in recent memory, as several million men, women and children have left Syria in search of respite from the deadly civil war raging across the nation.

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  • John Galt

    Outside of Israel it worked for the migrants who call themselves
    “Palestinians” so now the rest of the islamic world will put a PLO type
    army in every country. Welcome to hell.

    • fbda5555

      +theyarecomingforyou the US Govt is a slave to j000z and Izrael. All
      politicians support mad non whore immigration into every white nation, yet
      they all support Izrael as a j000 only state, where marriage between j000
      and non j00 is illegal. J000z run the entire Mass Media, every major
      newspaper and magazine, The Fed Reserve, all major Banks, Goldman Sachs,
      Wallstreet, most powerful lobbies like Aipac, academia and on and on.
      Stop w the bull, watch some David Duke vids on YouTube and educate yourself.

    • theyarecomingforyou

      +fbda5555 Israel isn’t responsible for the refugees flooding into Europe –
      the western coalition is. If it wasn’t for George W Bush and Tony Blair,
      both war criminals, we wouldn’t be in this situation.

    • fbda5555


      you’re a complete idiot and a disinfo agent. It’s the j000z which run the
      west, it’s they which are pushing mad immigration to every white nation,
      bit do the opposite for izraell.. proof from their own mouths. . watch on

    • theyarecomingforyou

      +John Galt The PLO is the modern day equivalent of the French Resistance,
      fighting the illegal and oppressive Israeli occupation (the modern day
      equivalent of the Nazi regime). Just like there was no French Resistance
      movement in 1940s Canada there will be no PLO type army in every country,
      as one cannot liberate what is already liberated. Your post literally makes
      no sense and demonstrates complete ignorance of modern politics.

  • Shiwanokia

    The dictators we took out were keeping groups like ISIS in check. 2 world
    wars and the 3rd world war coming were all planned by Albert Pike,
    Freemason, in the 1800s. At the top of Freemason they worship

  • ButIDontWantaGooglePlusPage

    Consider this … the destabilization of all of these countries by the
    CIA/MOSSAD/MI6 led NATO forces and the creation of displaced peoples is the
    main reason for these murderous actions. The removal of the Secular Leaders
    to make way for ‘democracy’ aka mob rule is just the bulllshit cover story.
    The goal is the destruction of Western Cultures and the moving ahead of the
    Greater Israel Project. Get some balls Ben. fucking A

  • llg4ever

    US government is an Israeli occupied territory … every US politician in
    DC from top to bottom needs to be hanged for crimes against humanity and
    for putting Israel’s war interests first before our own people’s interests.
    US/Israel created, financed, and armed those genocidal thugs called ISIS!

    Oh man, if the dumbed down American public would ever wake up, Israel will
    be wiped out off the map so fast!

  • Clvmind

    Why don’t you talk about PKK (Kurdish Communist party) terrorist
    organization that uses YPG/PYD as a name in Syria and Peshmarga as a name
    in Iraq!!! At the beginning of Iraq war, kurds was the ones who created all
    the problem in Iraq, caused hundred thousands of civilians death, which
    made Saddam to bomb these terrorist!

    Finally USA and EU media made Saddam dictator because of bombing the
    kurdish terrorists and attacked Iraq! Kurds in Iraq killed more than 2
    Million Iraq citizens together with the US Army! After Establishing a
    autonomous kurdistan in the North of Iraq (Main place of the petrol),
    Israel was not happy about it because petrol pipe lines still has to pass
    true Turkey!!!

    So solution was creating a Kurdish corridor ( Like a Tunnel) From Iraq to
    Mediterranean sea (North West of Syria)!

    In order to do that Essad government has to go, Syria had to be separated
    many different autonomous states!

    So USA, EU, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Israel first provided
    weapon, military/intelligent agency support and strategies to Kurds, Them
    to Islamic terrorists Isis, El Nusra, El Kaide, (FSA) etc.!

    Using all these terrorists to separate Syria so they can establish
    Kurdistan in Syria and Iraq to transfer petrol from Iraq kurdistan to
    Syria, From Syrian ports to the world!

    USA and EU also support PKK (Kurdish Terrorists) In Turkey as well! PKK
    killed over 38000 Turkish citizens over the past 25 years! Guess what? More
    than %75 of these civilians are Kurdish people killed by PKK that who says
    it protects the Kurdish rights! US military and CIA directly support PKK in
    every single aspects possible! Weapons, Ammo, Money, media support,
    Military strategies, Satellite, Drone etc. intelligence! Many US special
    force soldiers that under the PKK terrorist cover, killed during the
    conflicts with Turkish army!!! Millions of clear proof of that!

    Every single men over over 30 years old in Turkey, served 8 to 18 months in
    Turkish army (24/7 365 days Full time)! More that % 25 of them served in
    the National Guard (Gendarme Counter Guerrilla forces) commando units! More
    than 4-5 Million Turkish men possibility fought against to PKK terrorism!

    Ask any of them! hundreds of time that they took down a US drone, seen US
    Air force jets, helicopters provides support to PKK! Its seen millions of
    times that US Ar Force helicopters dropping ammo, providing logistic
    support to PKK terrorists during the conflicts with Turkish Army!

    Any way! Plan is to;
    – Establish South kurdistan in North Iraq (Which is done)!
    – Establish west kurdistan in North Syria (Half way done)
    – Divide Turkey, Take the % 30 of its soil and establish North kurdishtan
    in the South Easter region of Turkey (which will never be possible)
    – Combine all these kurdishtans ( which started as autonomous states) and
    establish kurdish republic (which never gonna be happen)
    – Last step is to gave kurdish public to Israel and make it a Israel state
    (convert it into Israel)

    So all these American money, effort and American lives wasted to establish
    kurdistan in Middle East so Israel convert it into Israeli state and get
    all of the petrol in Middle East!

    This is the plan but when it comes to Turkey that is never gonna work out!
    No body in this planes has enough power to take a piece from Turkish soil!
    Unless, they have balls to attack Turkey directly and risk losing at least
    500 Thousand soldiers, Trillions of Dollars! + Must have the risk of
    bringing war into its own home country and lose more that 5 millions of
    civilian people in chemical, nuclear attacks etc, if not directly get few
    longer-range intermediate nuclear force missile into the home country!!!
    Beginning of world war III…………

    If USA did not waste that much money to support terrorist around the world
    during the past 20 years and spent those trillions of money into its own
    country, USA would become 10 time bigger, wealthier, powerful that China,
    Russia and Eu combined all together!!!

    Instead, they fuck around the world, support terrorist and waste trillions
    of dollars and kill millions of people!

    More than 4 million civilians lost their life and more than 10 million take
    refuge in to western countries, in Middle east during the past 10 years! I
    am sure more than ( At least) 50 Thousand US soldiers got killed!!!

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