WARNING! TRUMP to Break Up Tech Giants and Obama Exec. Actions

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  • Debra Hargrove

    I received a WARNING message from Google Plus today that my account will be
    terminated for the videos that I share along with any comments that I make
    about the videos. There are NO restrictions on Google Plus for nudity and
    porn posts. But political posts that are not in favor of the KKK, Zionist
    Luciferians, Satanist, the Pope, the Roman Vatican & the Jim Crow division
    of the Demonrats Party will have their account terminated. The Founders of
    Google, Zionist Larry Page & Zionist Sergey Brin must be working for the
    Zionist Luciferian Rothschild-Rockerfella Khazarian Mafia.
    Coschen hamischpat 425 Hagah 425. 5
    It is the law to kill anyone who denies the Torah. The Christians belong to
    the denying ones of the Torah.
    The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ
    sucks. Catholicism sucks. Al Goldstein (publisher of Screw Magazine).

  • in- cog

    I like and believe truth that’s what i live for,love your show ,please
    christpher take a look at jonathan klecks video’s it has a lot of validacy
    to what he exposes please you have a great forum if nothing happens in
    this,then weve lost nothing but if it dose we lost souls for JESUS CHRIST,i
    don’t have riches but what i do have i give in the name of the LORD JESUS
    CHRIST OF NAZERETH,GOD BLESS YOU Christopher,peace and blessing to you

  • Jami Ross

    Yes, not getting all the notifications, we once did.

    Clinton and large corporations are on the war path, if Trump is successful,
    it will kill all their incomes, they will no longer be able to lobby
    foreign countries, use the CIA to influence or strong arm those who don’t
    accept their terms!

    It’s a real coup, Clinton’s Bush’s, Soros, Kissinger, McCain, Graham,
    Piglosie, Reid, and other’s, such as Gates, and a verity of other
    corporations, and bogus charities, stand to collapse!

    It will be the end of all these profiteering scumbags!

    Once Trump gets in office, the shark’s will start eating each other!

  • john kelso

    The reaper is coming to the big tech giants! the ministry of truth
    wannabe’s. They will be broken! They chose the wrong side of history!

  • Dave Nahodil

    Chris Americans burning the American flag is a stab in the back to all
    Americans who served and gave their life for that flag. And yet you say
    it’s OK to burn it? come on what the hell are you trying to do. Imagine
    fighting under that flag and you watch your brothers and sisters die under
    that flag. Most Americans don’t see that flag as the government but as
    every star every state and it’s people who gave their lives to fight for
    our freedom from day 1 of this great country. My grandfather was a ww2 vet
    and every time he heard the national anthem he stood and saluted. He was
    proud of that flag as I am and it’s wrong to protest in burning it because
    it represents the men and women that died and are fighting for the right so
    some cunt can burn it. I hope President trump does put a 10 year sentence
    for flag burning. And for everyone to start supporting our men and women
    fighting for is. Chris seems like your giving in to the snowflakes on that

  • Dave Nahodil

    Chris don’t be a piece of shit and dishonor or vets in supporting shit like
    that. In not supporting jail time for flag burning. Now I feel like
    canceling my subscription to your site.


    You once made prediction though? You said trump was going to lose to
    Hillary by a close count. That Hillary was going still the election.

  • am231euy

    You have a good voice! You might want to record an album one day in the
    future! I noticed that from several reports.
    Good video. Thank you.

  • Mas9510

    I would of laughed for a long ass time if he had come out from behind the
    door to the left and said “hey watssup guys it’s Chris here”.

  • Rick The Explorer™

    What this is is a Planetary Civil War that has not gone hot yet. The
    reality on the ground will blow our minds tomorrow. The Coup is in affect.
    We will see our retarded corrupt enemies on the tv and in real life.
    Planetary Civil War that has not gone hot yet. Like no time in history.
    It’s going to get worse.

  • Christy M

    If Trump really wants to break up “too big to fail” monopolies, he should
    start with the CIA, then the DHS, then the NSA, and then the MSM. (I listed
    them in order of evilness.)

  • Mikhail Palatnik

    What about Ebay? Ebay maybe able to compete on occasion with Amazon cause I
    and I’m sure millions of other people in this nation and possibly the world
    use both, although I know Amazon.com is much bigger.

  • jaedied

    I valued your opinions and perception on political things. Now I see your
    full of shit jus like the rest of them. Fucktard.

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