Erica – What Is White Identity? – Radio 3Fourteen

Erica is a Florida-based, 26-year-old White identity advocate known for her Twitter commentary on social and political issues.

We begin by discussing the role of women in the Alt-Right, and clear up some common misconceptions about traditional women. Erica then describes her journey to the Alt-Right, telling us that her interest in Donald Trump led to the discovery of Richard Spencer, Millennial Woes, and so forth. We discuss the importance of identity in the modern world – especially for people of European heritage. We play a few clips from the Q&A portion of Richard’s recent appearance at Texas A&M, and comment on the mentality of the average college student today. Our show concludes with a discussion on the fact that women in the West, despite what feminists might say, are far better off than in any other part of the world – especially the Middle East.

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  • Will Strong

    The Mass immigration Agenda for America and Europe, is for the Votes?

    Is this lady serious?

    Come on, that’s like level -1.

    This shit goes waaay beyond that, quite likely to extinction.


  • Will Strong

    Joe Biden (VP of the US) himself said “Whites for the first time ever, are
    under 50% of the Children in the US, and that’s a good thing.”

    This dumb bitch is clueless.

  • Spartacus547

    what do think of the 2050 Transportation project, which is basically Agenda
    21, under that there will be no more suburbs, the most threatening thing to
    that is not Trump, it’s the people that supported him and there not all
    white. don’t miss the opportunity coming together with all conservatives to
    find the things we have in common, and think there is many things that they
    could be made to come to terms.

  • Gammadion Cross

    As much as Asians have a high IQ, they always copied and improved, but most
    of the time they did not create or invent as much as European people did,
    they lack creativity period, they can only maintain, in reality white have
    a diversity of IQ and some higher then asians, its been proven by the
    inventions we see now and the past.

  • Sheeba Kitty

    Does your guest even have a freaking clue about Real American “Values”
    especially in relation to… or when compared to the values of Every other
    nation on earth when America was founded?

    America was founded by Christians who wanted the liberty to worship God and
    live according to his laws. So that’s where America got it’s values from.

    And your guest is rather shallow in her understanding of whats going on, I
    mean the Real war against white people.

    There is nothing wrong with wanting your race to survive.

    and she needs to be informed about the Jewish roots of the slave trade that
    goes back 2000 years.

    And about diversity. The white race is naturally the most diverse race.

    Even though the white race is supposedly so evil, these minorities never
    stop and ask themselves questions like… of all the races, which race has
    been the most generous to you?

  • A Brown

    this is why I don’t understand people who blame only white men and give
    white women a pass when it comes to american slavery and terroism. these
    disgusting people were the ones who got the kids dressed to watch the
    public linchings. that is why God will slaughter men and women alike.

  • Mike Kretmar

    I’m gonna say this again,I’m a product of SWITZERLAND.i lived in the
    shittest hardcore area in Baltimore for 14 years.its 89 percent black and I
    got along with EVERYONE.dont matter what the fuck you are, as long as your
    cool with me I will except you ,arms open and everyone treated me with
    complete respect through the whole community.i just never saw any kind of
    race then I lived right outside of Camden NJ.again people were totally cool
    towards me nothing but love,so what the TV portrays is absolute horseshit

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