Why Would People Lie About Climate Change? – Questions For Corbett

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In this edition of Questions For Corbett James (and Sibel Edmonds of Newsbud.com) answer your questions on Iran/CIA connections, climate change duplicity, whether the conspirators think they can survive their own conspiracy and much more. Also, James answers that age-old question: why do Hollywood movies suck so much these days?


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  • its coming around again

    lets not forget that here in the US there a literal accredited degrees that
    are specifically designed for climate change, the scam never ends

  • Steven Wenner

    The Rothschilds who control oil in the world. Are pushing the global
    warming agenda through their media outlets and their supported
    environmental groups and money given to hire education. So that we all pay
    higher up oil prices and they make more profit.

  • GHDW

    Hello James, I believe the coral bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef is the
    dead canary in the mine shaft and should be investigated further by all

    Back in 2006 Stephen Harper’s government (Canada) effectively muzzled all
    federally backed climate scientists by restricting the flow of information
    to the press, was this meant to stop hysterical p-hacking climate change
    scientists or was it just political censorship because oil was booming at
    the time?

  • Capt. Cutler

    That’s interesting that the top grossing films are sequels and remakes, and
    that China is the main growing market. What I assume is that they are
    making movies that will lead the viewer to go back and watch the originals.
    It gives the studio more yang for their yuan.

  • Dr Kodak recommends broccoli

    here are 3 facts.🔋 1) private corporations have been developing weather
    modification technology☄️✈️ for the past 100+ years📡, and have more than
    400+ patents you can check out on google.📑 2) CIA, FBI, various
    intelligence agencies and government organizations worldwide🌐 have
    admitted to modifying the weather, meaning they admitted to spraying
    neurotoxic elements, chemicals, heavy metals etc into the air we
    breath🤔then beaming electromagnetic frequencies at the conductive nano
    particles of aerosolized metals, which influence weather patterns❌ and 3)
    weather impacts virtually all financial markets worldwide, stocks
    commodities forex etc all are weather sensitive. Trillions of dollars
    impacted by agricultural markets which are directly correlated with the
    weather. 😑Still think it’s a theory?????🤔

  • Jason Shults

    In regard to your question, James, currencies spontaneously arise from free
    markets. Humans naturally trade, and without intervention from centralized
    authorities, they develop their own currencies. Larken Rose spoke to this
    topic when he discussed his experiences in prison, where lots of
    unregulated trade took place, and the inmates had their own systems of
    currency. The same thing occurs all over the world today, right now.

    Any attempt to assert some type of currency after the (fantastical) end of
    the current currency systems on the planet would in effect be an attempt to
    control people and markets, and to pick winners and losers out of the gate.
    This is why centralized currency systems were developed in the first place.
    No, the best solution would not be to try to force a currency upon people.
    It would be to let currencies arise where they will. People actually do
    better when they negotiate. Community arises. Bonds of trust are formed.
    The best currency system is the one that spontaneously arises from the
    inevitable trade that will always be occurring.

  • Dennis H (ImWideAwake)

    I believe the reason some climate scientists make an about face is when
    they come to the realization that AGW is MANMADE, not because of CO2 but
    geoengineering. They cannot, without great calamity, expose the ongoing and
    climate decimating fully operational geoengineering programs. So, they
    instead turn to “CO2 is not causing climate change”, which in our Orwellian
    nightmare world we live in is on it’s face “true”. They are still not being
    honest, but are opening the door to OTHER causes. Maybe that is the best we
    can hope for, when to tell the WHOLE truth is usually a very BAD decision.


    Hi from Germany. For research about Germany I recommend Oliver Janich, Jörg
    Guido Hülsmann, Bruno Bandulet, Tilman Knechtel, Jürgen Elsässer, Gerhard
    Wisnewski, Udo Ulfkotte, Kulturstudio auf YouTube, Amok Alex und Frank
    Stoner Show.

  • TheHealthPhysicist

    Why Would Corbett lie about climate change? Because he’s a science denier.

    The scientific consensus is the Earth is warming due to CO2.

    Stop lying Corbutte.

  • ScouseJack

    Great episode.
    James, have you practiced saying “I’m just a patsy!” for when they come to
    arrest you (in japanese)?

  • RonPaul Revered

    The best way to reboot the monetary system is to simply allow competition.
    End legal tender laws and end tax subsidies to monetary/financial

  • newmonetary

    Foundational premises for simple, workable, honest and sustainable new
    monetary system: 1) must be decentralized so money creation is distributed
    across entire economy thereby reducing opportunity for corruption and
    improving distribution. 2) must be created by individuals and corporate
    entities according to their productivity and extinguished according to the
    consumption of that productivity in order to maintain a constant ratio of
    monetary units and actual wealth in the economy (stable money with no
    inflation or deflation). 3) Must be created interest free. Investment
    banking would still exist to provide lending for startup or speculative
    ventures with the source of those funds from existing money supply.
    Eliminating inflationdeflation and interest from money creation will cut
    cost of living for most by half. Such a system could be introduced as a
    competing system which would grow as benefits became evident.

  • kalackninja

    Damnit Man, I don’t have the money now and was going to using my Christmas
    money to get some of those dvd’s. You played me well james you played me

  • BiddieTube

    On movies, as far as sci-fi goes, most of them from mid 70’s up are
    concentrated on violence, blood, death (just like all media) and spend
    incredible amounts of money on special effects that do not look real. If
    you have not been conditioned for extreme violence, or you are aware of it
    and actively recovering, check out antique sci-fi movies from 50’s, 60’s
    and early 70’s. If you are one of the more aware type people (less exposure
    to the constant flow of propaganda) you might notice that many of the
    actors seem to be enjoying making these antique movies. That is something
    in your favor, because then, you will enjoy watching the movie more.
    These older movies do not contain the constant few frames flashing crap
    that almost all newer video media contains. Again, if you are one of the
    few who has avoided the trash media and propaganda, then this constant
    frames flashing likely will be annoying as hell to you. Likely, many may
    call you an epileptic (nothing wrong with epileptic’s) because they are
    triggered by this fast frame crap, but that is not the case. We have been
    conditioned with this constant fast frame flashing stuff to dull or
    incapacitate our senses. those who have avoided tv, radio etc will notice
    that these fast framing stuff annoys them, but likely will take at least 10
    years away from tv for you to notice.

  • towardsthesun

    I love how you have the cover of The Most Dangerous Superstition oriented
    towards the camera in the background. Keep up the good work!

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