Igor & Darya – What Do Russians Think About the Liberal World Order and Russophobia in the West?

Igor Starkov is a photographer, journalist, and art-curator. Darya Andreeva is a journalist affiliated with multiple news outlets, including Russia Today.

After some necessary introductions, we dive into the main topic of our show: Russia. First, Igor and Darya tell us what they think about the Russian hysteria sweeping the West. Next, we discuss Russia’s political system, which is, contrary to what some might think, neither Communist nor fascist. Igor and Darya explain that Russia is quite conservative, and that the average Russian would be considered far-right in America. Our show covers many other topics, including Russian identity, multiculturalism, and how Russia views the Alt-Right.

Guests Websites: http://igorstarkov.com/

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  • VictorTracul

    In Russia there are two types of russians. The first type are the “russkii” who are ethnically russians and the second type are the “rossian” who are not ethnically russian, but are loyal to Russia and russian people. Race is an important factor, but promoting a purity spiral regarding race is not productive.

  • edgarssk

    It’s very important to understand that while Russia is a very conservative country it’s not nationalistic at all. For example you will be called a racist if you don’t like blacks. Also their view towards nazism is very biased and they are not open to any discussions about it.

  • Legion Against

    I want to point that what she said about Russians being many nationalities is not exactly accurate. There are two words that can be translated into English as Russian. One is Ruskiy, which means ethnically Russian, and the other is Rossiyanin, which means a citizen of Russia. Russians make a distinction between ethnic Russians and Russian citizens. There are many different groups of people that are a part of Russia, Buryatia for example. But these people are citizens of Russia, not Russian. This lady says that Ruskiy can be many different nationalities, but that is just not right. Rossiyanin can be different nationalities.

  • Roman Skaskiw

    Russia is enormously anti-nationalists. This is such BS. You should tap into the Eastern European mentality — people who know the cultural marxism of the West, and the tyranny of the east.

  • RomansBookReport

    Russia is an empire masquerading as a nation. During Soviet times, they had an expression: if you beat a Polish man long enough, he becomes a Russian.

    “Russian” is not defined by any ethnicity, but by subservience to Moscow.

    See my essay “9 lessons of Russian propaganda”

  • Hylke Westerhuis

    Without anywhere near calling him a ‘saint’, Vladimir Putin has nothing but my highest regard&respect&admiration.

    I most sincerely wish, I could say that of&about a leading western politician as well.

    I fail to do so, I’m very very very sorry to say.

    Trump too is only a small&minor puppet&figurehead in the ongoing global ‘game’ being orchestrated by the unholy&zealot alliance of Judaic & Christian Zion&Supremac-ism that’s subvert&damag&destroy&ravag-ing the world through&by financial&military&political&medial&judiciary&education power&might&dominance & low moral(-s/ity) & total ruthlessness.

    This&They really really scares the living shit&hell&daylights out of me & makes me loose any&all&every trust&faith&hope in past&present&future of&for me&mankind&world.

    :_[[ hYlkeW (63y NL-Misanthropist & MGTOW-Monk/Hermit in GER)

  • methecsgod

    Red Ice criticizes neocons and then puts out this pathetic attempt at civic nationalism. At least be consistent.

  • Ordinary Man

    Very interesting interview, sadly though, the ‘translator’ was horrible, to put it midly. Half of the time he mistranslated or only translated parts of the question/answer, leaving out often the most important questions unadressed. Perhaps it would have been better if it was Lana (or Darya for that matter) herself who did the translation.

  • Dievas su mumis

    Putin owns BiBi and BiBi owns Trump. Read New Lies For Old by Anatoliy Golitsyn. Putin is ex KGB so is Patriarch Krill the head of the Orthodox church who personally owns a Vodka and cigarette company worth Billions. They collapsed the Soviet Union on purpose so they could come at us from new angles.

  • Sascha Michalow

    In the whole soviet union nobody applied cultural marxism to its societys, therefore the russians are mentally still clean. I have russian colleagues here in germany and if you tell them something about feminism or transgender they consider that as a joke. They think that SJWs are a edgy type of humour. They are conservative in the best meaning. Family first.
    And the democracy thing is, that your Ideas should depend on majorities, Putin does care about the majorities of the russian people. We dont have anything like this here in germany with our queen Merkel. You dont get asked about what you want at all. Wether its the EU a new Currency or millions of migrants, you simply have nothing to decide with your vote, thas our democracy

  • Valiantsin Lapatka

    Not the Russians. they are savages from Asia. Always were and will always be. Europe is ends not on Ural mountains but on Smolensk, the most Eastern city of Gand Duchy of Lithuania/Commonwealth of Two Nations.

  • Dany Varna

    I will ask the ones that have watched it already, are they F-ing eachother or are they in the same room just for the interview?

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