David Shayler “Theresa May Has No Intention Of Triggering Article 50. There Will Be No Brexit!”

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  • Matt x69x

    I still think the referendum was rigged by MI6, European president and
    British monarch are two things that don’t match, “one of these things is
    not like the others, one of these things isn’t the same”

  • Simon Read

    I lived with David shayler at an eco camp for 2 months, he was at that time
    a transvestite, which is fine by me. but he spent those 2 months trying to
    convince everyone that he is Jesus Christ, actually the second coming. good
    luck to him, remember to look at the msg not the teacher. but he’s a weird

  • spwkarlsson

    Agreed on Sovereign National Currencies and the Virtual Globalist Buttcon.

    ..they May Call it a Countercultural Spearhead All Day Long if They’d Like
    too, But Buttcon lol

  • RealityHijacked

    She affirmed that she’d be leading the UK out of the EU and that Brexit
    would happen during her first speech in front of #10. This guy is talking
    out of his ass. You can’t affirm that you’re going to do something of that
    magnitude during your first speech as Prime Minister and then *not* do it.
    The whole country would revolt.

  • Paul Ellis

    please check out Benjamin Fulfords work
    for back ground geopolitical events relating to whom doing what

  • Vins Web

    brexit cancelled, just like trump will continue the work of oboma/bush. and
    the people will remaim fast asleep as usual. ROTFLMAO

  • Bill Hicks

    Go put your dress on love, this guy is fucking joke and a disinfo… you
    can’t even use that word, it’s not disinfo, it’s just fucking horseshit.

  • Aaron Johnson

    Doesn’t take a rocket scientist. Politicians don’t give a fuck about voters
    just pleasing the globalists. If she doesn’t trigger it then a jfk moment
    is in order

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