#FakeNews is the new “Weapons of Mass Destruction”

The corporate owned media and their partners in government are working overtime to spread the fake news meme. This meme is designed to limit, and ultimately destroy, the independent and alternative media by censoring anti-establishment viewpoints.

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    Remember EVERYTHING they do ALWAYS backfires in their faces! ALWAYS in fact
    I already started to do just that making it backfire on them


    If #FakeNews was created by people that label themselves as ” Government /
    Authority ” then those delusional psychopaths just shot themselves in the

  • Nucky Thompson

    Violent opposition is the only way at this point. Stack ammo, go rural,
    diversify resource makers, and wait for them to make imprisonment moves.
    I’m done with activism, when the revolutionaries are ready to shoot –
    that’s when I join the movement.

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