Jim Goad – SJWs: The New Church Ladies

Jim Goad is an American writer and publisher. He is the author of The Redneck Manifesto and The New Church Ladies. Jim also co-authored and published the magazine ANSWER ME!.

Jim returns to Red Ice to discuss his new book, current events, and the ongoing insanity of the Left. First, Jim tells us about The New Church Ladies. We discuss the puritanical nature of social justice warriors, including their obsession with microaggressions. Jim argues that such a mindset is the result of material excess, as people struggling to feed themselves would have more important things to worry about. Later, we ponder what motivates the Left, and Jim offers some advice for interacting with these new church ladies. The first hour also touches on anti-Whiteness, multiculturalism, and how becoming a father altered Jim’s perspective for the better.

In the members’ hour, we switch gears to discuss President Trump. Jim relates his frustration with Trump’s decision to bomb Syria. We then mull over the hurdles Trump has faced since taking office, including his battle to instate a temporary travel ban. We then discuss the cult of guilt that has taken over the West. Later, we consider why White identity – once commonplace – has been so vilified in recent years; this, Jim argues, is mostly because White solidarity poses an obstacle to globalism. The members’ hour covers much more, including what can be done to oppose Cultural Marxism and save the West.

Guest Website: http://jimgoad.net

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  • Commander Kek

    Funny because I used to hate religion and religious people. Now I love conservative catholic women. It’s impossible finding a leftist chick that will cook and clean and not act like it’s slavery.

  • Ole Pedersen

    Christianity created Christendom, the greatest civilization the world has ever seen. Scandinavia was such a beautiful, peaceful and harmonic place before we got ugly, retarded and dysfunctional atheism.

    With more atheism we got more divorce, rape, murder, drug abuse, abortion, single parenthood, etc, not less.

    European nations were strong, with high morality when we had strong Christianity. Our art, architecture, cultural life was on a level never seen before in the history of mankind. Now, our atheist art is on a low level never seen before. When in recorded history have a jar filled with human excrement ever been considered art?

    Atheism creates a moral vacuum and is dysfunctional. Both subjective morality and moral relativism are logically inherent within atheism. That gave us our modern my-truth and your-truth garbage.

    Subjective morality is also something we got through Hinduism and other Eastern philosophies. Something unheard of in Europe. Thanks a lot Beatles. And yes we gave love, atheism and new age paganism a chance, John Lennon. It crashed Europe.

    That Christianity is falling in Europe now is partly due to our state churches being taken over by atheist politicians, but mostly due to a total onslaught of absurd atheist lies about Christianity and Christian history from media, academia and our politicians. This in sharp contrast to their beloved Islam.

    According to Pew Research Center (How the faithful voted: A preliminary 2016 analysis), no other group supported Trump more than Evangelicals (81%). Atheists are the most pro Democratic group there is (68%), beaten only by the Jews (71%).

    Among white evangelicals, regular churchgoers are the most supportive of Trump (Pew Research Center).

    Most white evangelicals approve of Trump travel prohibition and express concerns about extremism (Pew Research Center)

    According to Pew Research Center (Americans Express Increasingly Warm Feelings Toward Religious Groups) both atheists (strongly) and pagans hate Evangelicals more than Muslims.

    But yeah, let’s bash Christians some more. Thanks a lot atheists and pagans, you smashed Christendom, the greatest civilization the world has ever seen within a few decades.

    Pagans like Red Ice and Tara McCarthy I have no problem with at all. They are among our very best and strongest allies. Varg Vikernes and his fanboiz are traitors to Europe and European civilization. Atheism has been a disaster for Europe.

  • HighlyDedicated

    Alfred Rosenberg (if that’s who Henrik was referring to) was not Jewish … you’d think that if ‘Rosenberg’ was ‘a Jewish name’, then Alfred Rosenberg would’ve changed it at some point … from Hitler and Goebbels to Otto Skorzeny and even the average concentration camp commandants, the anti-Nazis love to claim that *all* the notable Natzees were ‘clandestine crypto-Jews’ since it serves to discredit National Socialism in the eyes of any would-be ‘anti-Semites’

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