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  • Danna Olson

    Im sorry but 11 yr old boys in Syria are not like 11 yr old boys in
    America. They are trained from when they are very young. In war people die.
    That is plain and simple. Do you think if there was war here in the US that
    no civilians would be killed ? Im sorry but people die in war, bombs cant
    tell who is a civilian and who isnt. Sad but that is war. In WW2 in London
    more than 40,000 civilians were killed.

  • Simon Jester

    The Mujahadeen is to Al-queda what the FSA is to ISIS. Why doesn’t ISIS
    attack Israel – their greatest enemy? The answer seems obvious.

  • Luis Rosales

    just another one of America’s investments, the US government will do
    nothing but send them more support.

  • Saracen Gaming

    On the contrary. I think their war on terror has succeeded. I believe this
    is precisely what they wanted. Orchestrate terrorism until it becomes self
    perpetuating. Still helping it along here and there of course.

  • Philip K Eyrich

    It should be note first that President Obama’s Administration is currently
    in charge of what happens, not the folks behind Make America Safe Again. It
    would be great to see the President address the issue, since he holds a
    peace prize and defends Islam. After the President makes his comments,
    let’s see what the presidential candidates have to say. Also, it’s okay to
    ask current office holders for their statement to see if they are even
    aware, and what changes they will make now, rather than wait for the
    election. The need is urgent. Let the candidates express their views, and
    hold current office holders accountable.

  • ThePatriotMyke

    The problem is seeing Islam and Terrorism as the issue.The Issue is
    Communism.Since 1979 When The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan the US INC
    and The British Empire aided the Afghan Mujahideen The Soviets whom are
    excellent in deception knew this would backfire.When the Soviets went
    undergoing construction and renaming The Soviets went into the back
    light.The Soviets used America and Britians own backing against us.Then
    while we were fighting so called Islam that gave Russia plenty of time to
    rebuild there military while the west economically and morally bankrupted
    themselves fighting a war they created.The Soviets only invaded Afghanistan
    so that America would aid its enemy.The Soviets withdrew and no America has
    to waste money fighting there own creation.The Cold War is still on.Were
    just not the ones fighting

  • vintasalo

    COMMON SENSE MOMENT: The rebels and ISIS are fighting the same person,
    assad.. Do ya think they are one in the same?

  • Lomogrammaton

    Wow. Powerful. Ben you are one of the few out there speaking the truth yet
    I fear it’s fallen to deaf ears.

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