Reality Check: Support For ‘Outsider’ Candidates Is A Repudiation Of America’s Two-Party System
7 in 10 Americans say people in politics cannot be trusted. The same group also calls the political system dysfunctional. Is 2016 set to be an historic election because American voters are finally rejecting the two-party system?


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  • KaSpAsArK

    This seems like a good year for a 3rd party run. Rand Paul was my guy going
    in. Now i’m not so sure. His campaign has mismanaged social media. Making
    comments and pages on positions that don’t even need to be addressed
    (considering our immediate problems) where remaining silent would have been
    the smart move. It seems like whoever is running his social media accounts
    are dividing people and costing him support. Perhaps even mine. Once again
    i think i will look to 3rd parties for my vote, or maybe i will just stay

    • Mynames Iss

      The only thing I can say is Rand has some differences with his father and
      maybe he’s even trying to “play the game” in some areas. I know that sounds
      naive but that’s what I have to assume.

    • DowellForPASenate

      +Mynames Iss
      No I I’m not. I used to be a county coordinator for campaign for liberty
      AND a volunteer for the ron paul campaign. Rand first said he was going to
      bring the troops home from Afghanistan and from all around the world. Now
      he’s in favor of keeping the troops in Afghanistan and other countries.
      That is not anti-war, that is pro-war since we know keeping troops in
      countries fuels the insurgency. Rand Paul was originally pro-life but then
      he starts to say well pro choice can work because he knows that position is
      more popular.
      And it makes me sick that Rand endorsed Romney instead of his own father
      and now Ron doesn’t have the spine to not endorse his own son even though
      he said ‘he needs to be careful about compromising his views’. Look at
      Ron’s presidential run…. hundreds of thousands of grass roots supporters
      volunteering for free. Look at Rand now…. no grass roots support, single
      digit polling, not standing out in the debates. Sorry guys but deal with
      it. There is no good choice for president anymore.

    • DowellForPASenate

      Sanders is a Israel’s bitch…. I’m not going to vote for a goddamn
      socialist who wants only the state to have guns and I’m not going to vote
      for a neocon who denounced his libertarian roots.

    • Mynames Iss

      Amen brother…amen. Though we both know “they” will not let Rand win. The
      only way he MIGHT be able to win is if we ALL rally for him and show our
      support instead of infighting and supporting that fraud Trump. And yes,
      Sanders supporters are ideologically weak and will vote for Clinton when
      he’s cheated out for not being controlled.

    • Ponton21

      +Mynames Iss – Ron Paul in fact endorsed him. Rand needs to get aggressive
      and separate himself from the pack. The Paul’s have something Sanders will
      never have … a real grassroots behind them. Sanders supporters will end
      up voting for Clinton. They’ll run home to their corrupt Establishment Left
      royality as soon as thwy cheat Sanders out of nomination. They have no
      political IQs and they have no spines.

    • DowellForPASenate

      +abeismain Carson is a fraud like all the other chumps. He’s for forced and
      state mandated vaccines, he’s pro federal reserve, pro patriot act, pro
      freedom act, pro AIPAC. So no he shouldn’t be president, neither should all
      of these other idiots.

    • Boat

      +schlafanzyk That’s not even close to Orwellian. Citizens United is the
      complete opposite of Authoritarian control, even when dimwits believe it
      means corporate control, because that would mean power is not centralized
      but rather influenced from outside forces.

    • schlafanzyk

      +Boat Except Reagan and Bush are the two presidents most responsible for
      the police state the U.S. has turned into. Clinton actually managed to keep
      it relatively under control (only making things a little worse) until the
      second Bush showed up. The privatization of essential government functions
      for corporate profit (like prisons and supplying law enforcement), the War
      on Drugs and the War on Terror are the main driving forces of the slow but
      steady undoing of U.S. civil liberties and civil rights. Orwell was pretty
      much spot on about 1984 – that’s about when the path was cleared for the
      police state to start rolling. It started with Citizens United in the late
      70s, which opened the floodgates for bribery of politicians on both sides
      and the results quickly showed. Special interests began to influence all
      branches of government immediately. The media got hooked on election cycle
      ad revenue and stops serving its critical function as a watchdog of the
      government and instead serves as an exclusive access mouthpiece for it.
      Crisis after crisis hits the economy, each bubble worse than the last one –
      and the banks are now larger than they were before the 2008 crash. We
      better make sure the next guy/girl gets this shit fixed before we
      eventually head right into the 21st century great depression. Stay as far
      away from any Bush or Clinton is the best chance we have.

  • Agent76

    December 20, 2013 Ben Carson in His Own Words

    [At Yale in the late 1960s], I was proud to see groups such as the Black
    Panthers standing up to brutal police tactics, and though I never joined
    any radical student organizations, I kept abreast of the activities of the
    Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the Weathermen, and other groups
    willing to use aggressive tactics to accomplish “social justice.”

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