Trump’s Worst White House Cabinet Picks

We take a look at Trump’s worst White House cabinet picks, many of whom are mega wealthy bankers and elites from Goldman Sachs and Rothschild Inc.

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  • truthseeker4all

    Red Ice TV is freakin amazing. Both hosts are intelligent, great voices etc
    Love it love it love it!!
    Share it people!

  • s madden

    Ok… in my opinion we have to wait to see. These picks could be ok if they
    reduce Waste, Fraud, and Abuse in their positions, all proverbial boats
    would be lifted on that rising economic tide. If these people play ball,
    play by the rules and standards that Trump sets, it could work out.
    In reality it is still to early to give him shit for *Anything. FFS he is
    not even in office yet! As a matter of fact, he’s probably Farther Away
    from office than any President-Elect in history ever has been…considering
    the round after round of post-ekection flaming multiple circus-loads of
    Bullshit…with the liberal tears and breakdowns, with the Popular Vote
    Meme Lie shoved down every one’s throats for a few weeks there, oh and of
    course then $hill Stein’s $7M Re-Count, aaaaaaand until tomorrow and until
    January 6th and until January 20th there are Celebrity adds and just as
    much Bullshit, forced all over every one the same as the actual greuling
    election itself, now about trying to convince, or otherwise death-threat
    the Electoral College to become Faithless Electors…and lol they’re not
    even asking them to vote for $hillary, just not Trump…to throw us into a
    Constitutional Crisis.

  • Robin McWilliams

    I genuinely believe he’s going to get things fixed. He wants to be a great
    President. He wants statutes built for him. can’t happen if he’s not great.

  • Pepe The last prophet

    America…you are the only ones who are still armed. Take advantage of that
    while you still can….politics will not save the white race. Don’t be
    scared…if you die so what, every has to die at some point. The question
    is do you want to die on your knees or on your feet?

  • Lord Of frog

    You guys are simpletons. If trump was to pick someone other than a Jew for
    that position, the system would pull the plug on trump because that’s the
    biggest f you, you can give

  • TheOrionStargazer

    Trumps putting some people in there just so they can hang themselves and he
    can have them removed. Also, keep in mind, Obama filled the WH with
    muslims, they all get fired day 1 of Trumps administration. That is
    draining the swamp.

  • European Resistance

    Red Ice are really raising the bar for European Nationalist media and
    activism, really appreciating your guys/girls efforts.

  • Free Saxon

    ‘Our’ leaders having seen Mr.Putins success, see the possibility of doing
    things another way.
    Trump would HAVE to be approved by the real world leaders, that’s a fact,
    if you think otherwise you are a fool.
    I think Trump many just be a 25 years ‘roll back’ on some political issues
    UsofA a nation of immigrants, is a Liberal slogan

  • Random Luck

    Guys you are completely clueless. Remember Kevin Mitnick the guy that
    hacked into government institutions? Later the FBI used him as security
    consultant. Trump’s picks are the ones that UNDERSTAND the system. Now they
    are on our team. Just like rivals of Real Madrid and Barcelona would love
    to have Messi and CR7. Trump chose the BEST.

  • AffiliatePro

    I don’t get it! Myself and many others told all you folks this was going to
    happen! What the hell do you expect? Trump has ALWAYS been surrounded by
    the Juice, as well as CONTROLLED by them!! God damn, his whole frickin’
    family is sucking juice cock!!!! This hasn’t even started, you ain’t seen
    bad yet!!

  • Vaga Bond

    I’m starting to belive Trump is just another jew puppet, and they planned
    it to play out like it did. Using the negative momentum in the voters, and
    the media was in on it all along playing their part. Maybe Trump is their
    chosen one, to start WW3 and the new world orders last phases. Trump does
    not look like a true anti establishment and anti new world order politician
    after all. I sure hope i’m wrong, but it does not look good.

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