Prophets of Rage March At the Republican Convention

Activist Post journalist Derrick Broze is attending the 2016 Republican National Convention to document the militarization of the police, the protests, and to talk with the people on the streets.

Broze interviewed former Rage Against The Machine and current Prophets of Rage guitarist Tom Morello and B Real of Cypress Hill and Prophets of Rage.

Our RNC coverage is sponsored by an app for activists and neighborhoods to self organize to help protect each other.

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  • VeganMikey V V

    Tom might be fed up with talking to people, but he comes off as kind
    egotistical. “Prophets of rage” is pretty watered down compared to what
    Zack sang about. Tom says there are other options besides the 2 party
    system, but changes the subject very quickly in all the interviews I’ve
    seen. I would just like him to espouse a clearer stance on solutions moving
    forward and help people break away from the paradigm, if that’s truly what
    he supports. The 12 year old in me likes that he’s still screaming and
    throwing a studio produced, shrink wrapped, TV dinner approach to political
    dissent, and that he’s still “raging”, but is he? And against what?

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