What You Need to Know About Your Digital Prison

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  • Free Your Mind USA

    I think you’re right. I rationalize that I only watch “informational” alt
    media…but I watch A LOT of it. Am I living???? Yikes.

  • Red M

    That device of mine I’m using to watch your AMTV videos and I’m learning
    knowledge about the rest of the world. Maybe I should stop watching your
    videos and carry on reading books and learning history instead but even my
    job if you want to get paid I have to be online to give in my payslip.
    You’re right we have no choice but to be on online in this day and age to
    function in our day-to-day life.

  • MrIblap

    I believe that this sense of children being on their phones consuming ideas
    and learning about different things and being exposed to different outlets
    is good. I think children who are going on social media to bullshit and not
    learn is a waste of time. Then they rather be doing something else. We as a
    society need to evolve and come to the realization that we are dependent on
    tech, and media. This is the evolution of humanity…

  • Windwar attack

    Christopher Greene…Wrong on saying Hillary was going to steal the
    election from Trump.. Christopher Greene …wrong on Trumps electoral
    College (You said that the electoral would be stolen given to
    Hillary….Christopher Greene…just plain wrong

  • Kerry Warren

    I am with you 100% on this issue. A few years ago I switched the TV off and
    for the past year I have been limiting my access to fb. I am amazed the
    effect it has to my life on so many levels. I find myself questioning,
    rather than accepting. My creativity has increased, as well as my
    happiness. So, I thank you for succinctly articulating this important
    issue, keep up the great work.

  • Right to live in a decent world. Should be a basic.

    Never My spaced… Never Face booked. Married 20 years. My wife and I are
    still standing 20 years later.

    We’ve had friends loose their marriage because of exes and social media.

    Our kids don’t use social media either. 👍 The new cool. Go outside and
    live America. Less AI/ more happy.

  • Joe Bagadonuts

    I get the point however I view my device as a portable library in my
    pocket. How wonderful it is to have all that knowledge at one’s fingertip,

  • ahnc 420

    I’m glad to see my cup of coffee helped with your new intro you’ve had
    about a week now. I LOVE IT I LOVE IT. what do you this Chris so come off
    the finally proven fake birth certificate of stupid Obama and also the
    assassination of the Russian ambassador

  • Mountain Top

    CHRIS, Good thoughts. Great expression. It is an interesting time. I see
    Balance is needed in our lives, especially anything material drugs, sugar,
    coffee, tv, smoking, sex or even a cheesburger. Moderation is key in every
    aspect of our lifes. I’ve seen the zombie takeover but I’ve also seen the
    unique evolution of a being capable of accessing information within
    seconds, this allows us to intake more information at a quicker rate wich
    allows us to accomplish more if that’s what we want, living simple is
    another way as well. Again Balance is everything. We have thrived off
    personal contact. Now incorporate both, but be aware of the MOMENT and the
    lives we impact by just being present. I always say our presence is the
    true present in life. Think of a eutopia. Imagine no corrupt corporations
    filling minds with adds or fake news. A true eutopia where technology has
    helped us evolve at the same time we help technology evolve. imagine no
    money for corrupt motives. Think of it as a bee hive. No money insentive
    just survive and thrive. Until we gain access to full conciousness within
    ourselves to achieve contact with others & information, we are using a man
    made version which who knows, might just be a stepping stone to a greater
    plane. look what it did for the elections. If there was no internet I’m
    sure we would be under the same unhealthy powers. Not saying Trump is the
    savior, I have no Idea who he is. Never watched his show nor researched his
    path. I’m going off of presence. He sounds true and acts true so I have
    hope. so we will see. Time is of the essence.



  • Teuku Reiza

    hey cristopher, i want to say thank you very much for giving me the real
    insight of this fu*ked up world. keep up your work..
    thank you, thank you very much

  • Mike Dowlen

    chris,please consider not supporting red hot cp by wearing that shirt.One
    of the band members wife assaulted scott baio for supporting Trump at a
    school function he was attending with his child. Just saying no one should
    be assaulted because of thier support.Don’t you agree?

  • Doug Veit

    Christopher, you are spot on……and I appreciate your balls to the wall
    coverage after the election when we all want to dissipate into the trump
    euphoria, you on the other hand just don’t quit. You are a BEAR.

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