DONALD TRUMP: Will He Throw the Election?

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  • David & Debra Ellis

    God doesnot force his way on us . He gives us our own free will. There is
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    killing forever is for you. If you like love , freedom. free will Joy and
    everlasting life then you need Jesus.

  • David & Debra Ellis

    We all need Jesus, .Some just do not know it yet. I hope that there are
    those who will hear and simply cry out to the One that God gave to us out
    of love and who is Love . Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.Please ! Jesus
    is only a prayer away, The Bible says that anyone who calls upon the name
    of the Lord shall be saved, So call upon the name of the Lord Jesus and be
    saved, Free gift from God .



  • TruthDecay

    I don’t know what his true story is. Nobody does. Maybe it’s a trophy
    piece. maybe he’ll run with it and try to add “accomplished president” to
    his legacy. If not only for himself, for his children and grandchildren.
    Every trait you named of his (weaseling) jockeying “for the best position
    for Donald Trump” is politics 101 soooooo. He’s operating within a grimy
    filthy system.. Yes one that he seems to be comfortable i but ..

  • America Nomore

    He is in it to win it, he knows the grave situation the country and the
    world is in… Whats good for America is ultimately good for DT. Besides if
    he can make America great again, he will go down as big as George

  • Mark Smith

    Why would you vote for the guy if you legit had questions like this in your
    head? I’m voting for trump…but I see no reason to question his motive of
    running for President. He’s been debating this decision for well over 2

  • Mike Ditkas Lovechild

    Unsubbed. With all do respect, I dont think you understand Mr. Trump very
    well at all or just how much the patriotic man will put America back on

  • Stinky Lebinowitz

    In the very beginning he said that even coming down the escalator he wasn’t
    sure if he was going to do it or not. I believe that to be true as it is
    something not heard at all anymore. Now he speaks of it taking great
    courage to run and I agree that statement is probably very true. But I
    think going back to his first statement of not knowing, he knew failure was
    a distinct possibility and not running, eliminated that potential
    humiliation. Now when he blasted Mittens for blowing a layup of an election
    last time, he categorized Mittens as weak and a choker.
    In a business deal he can get bought out, take the advantageous route and
    the next day everyone is still taking his calls, he’s the Donald. If he
    blows the election, even for his own benefit, he becomes the choker he
    called Mittens and ruins the value of his brand.
    I don’t think he can take that blow to his ego. He would become the choker,
    and kill off any demand for his time from the media.
    NOW conversely, say he wins and becomes the greatest president in modern
    times, and don’t think that isn’t part of his ego’s dreams. If he does
    that, he just got a legacy and is part of history that no amount of money
    could ever buy!
    He’s won tons of business deals, but has never been HISTORIC. IMO, this is
    the goal, the best president of modern times and honor for the Trump name
    into eternity. There’s no amount of money that could ever match winning
    “the deal”.

  • Adrian Kalitka

    He is going to pull out. He said so himself, that he only wants to be
    President for one term so that way he could America around and put us back
    in the right direction.

  • 757JJB

    I’m not sure of your exact verbiage, but I’ve heard you say before that
    some of this stuff is so “Ridiculous/Hard to believe” that it’s funny.. LOL
    Well, parts of this edit had me LMAO. Anyways, Great Edit/Upload as usual.

  • AlexWu

    Donald Trump is running for President for his ego. He wants to leave a
    legacy, the best president in history. In other words, he is going to do
    what is right for Trump, which happens to be good for the country. He is
    old now, money isn’t enough for his ego. It has to be a great legacy

  • 1upmydog

    I feel it’s stupid to ask that question. Of Course it’s going to best
    interest of Donald Trump to become President. Every Human being best
    interest is themselves. Him throwing the election is not in his best
    interest. Trump caring about the country? answer:Maybe. End of the day he
    is lesser of the evil.

  • John Miller

    Obviously not. If he was throwing the election, he wouldn’t be going after
    Hillary about Bill’s rapes. It’s time to bury the “Trump is a shill”

  • Take_the_Red Pill!

    I’m a Trump supporter too and all the extreme rhetoric Trump used are a way
    for him to not only get American support but a way for his opposition to
    come to respect him. In essence this gives him the upper hand on the deal.
    Look how the GOP is pandering to him… I do believe that he will get other
    countries to do the same for America. If he becomes president that is
    ultimately best for his brand and his family… Many are talking about
    Ivanka becoming the first female president… So ultimately I believe Trump
    may tone down to meet ppl in the middle but wants to become president so
    his family and his brand can be bigger than ever.. And in doing so so will

  • HHB368

    The elite have already picked their president…she has known it for 6
    years and is waiting for the keys to the castle after the election…buckle
    up and try and prepare for surviving her.

  • Jerry Switzer

    Of coarse…. his book is about the money…Therefore he is about the money
    (pertaining to this book) The presidency is not about the money …

  • Citizen_Zero

    You shouldn’t confuse his business acumen with his sense of patriotism.
    Donald Trump has a huge sense of patriotism and pride for his country he
    always has.

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