Black Lives Matter a Hate Group? Reality Check For Atlanta Area Sheriff

Gwinett County Sheriff Butch Conway says that Black Lives Matter is not only a hate group and domestic terrorists but that to his knowledge there is not one national case where a suspect has been killed by police where the suspect wasn’t at fault. Ben Swann pushes back to help with that knowledge.


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  • dtyotub

    I love you, Ben. However, FACT: Apparently, you and I can see the same
    videos and have the same information and still draw different conclusions
    about whether or not the police overstepped bounds in performing their
    duty. I agree with you in the matters of the boy in the store and the
    other two boys where the police fired upon them within split seconds of
    encountering them. I disagree in the matters of Eric Gardner, Freddie Gray
    and Walter Scott. Each one of the latter contributed to their own deaths
    by resisting arrest and not complying with the orders given them by the
    police. I am black and have had encounters with the police. In NONE of my
    encounters was I treated with anything except respect and courtesy. Why is
    that? It’s because I didn’t mouth off to them, and I gave them the respect
    that I expected in return. Oh yeah, and I wasn’t actually guilty of
    anything. They had questions. I gave answers. They thanked me for my
    time and apologizing for having had to detain me.

  • llg4ever

    BLM group is funded by Soros to create a divide in America, pinning whites
    against blacks … that’s their goal, nothing to do with bringing justice
    to anyone!

  • Edward Nigma

    Is Black Lives Matter a hate group? Yes. The reason why BLM exist because
    the Black woman. When this Black woman kicked out the man, her young men
    became soft effeminate minions causing Hell and Mayhem. David Carroll in
    his multiple videos says if you don’t put this Black woman in-check, her
    men are going to act as effeminate as her and disrespect authorities. A
    series of steps occur before the cop decides to use force

  • Brandon S

    Sorry. They are a hate group. many of them hated cops and white people long
    before the group was formed. So sorry to tell you Ben. If you were more
    street smart you would understand.

  • RagaDagga

    I think I have a man-crush on Ben Swann. Or maybe I just wish I was him.
    Either way, he’s an amazing journalist. Thanx Ben.

  • nrsrymj

    While the sentiments in this video are absolutely correct. It was very
    poorly worded. Obviously many of these young black men and boys in these
    examples were violating laws (though obviously not all). Like the guy who
    owed child support. He also arguably broke the law by fleeing. But the
    issue is that none of them are capital offenses. And the SCOTUS itself has
    rendered shooting a fleeing suspect in most cases unlawful. And lastly we
    certainly do not properly give to the patrol wing of law enforcement the
    legal authority to exact the punishment of a capital offense in the first

  • P0LICEstateWATCH

    read what police and government types write and what they say, it’s all
    about the safety of officers, to the detriment of the law, the public or
    everything else. cops are given the benefit of the doubt at every turn and
    we know the whole system in place is set up to exonerate them from personal
    accountability. i, too, am concerned about officer safety, but when
    contradictory evidence is hidden and the force covers up the truth for
    criminal cops, it’s gone too far.

  • Zarli Win

    I think the other thing to adress about the sheriff’s statement is that,
    “so what if they were obstructing justice? Were they an immediate danger to
    officers or innocent by-standards? If not, then there is not excuse to use
    deadly force.”

  • joe smith

    When you put these poor black souls that were murdered in cold blood in a
    row on video. It really makes my blood boil because a lot of cops are
    bullies and the second you have independent thought or question sir
    authority, they abuse you and kill you.

  • Ricky Lorenzo

    Omfg why is this happening, we all kno who kills blacks and the source of
    there problems. Wtf is the movement doin, i have yet to see them speak on
    gangs! Wtf!!!!

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