Ashley Judd On The Rigged System And Voting For Crooked Hillary

In this video Luke Rudkowski randomly see’s Ashley Judd on the streets joining a black lives matter protest and decides to interview her. The two talk about the rigged system that many people have been complaining about and her decision to vote for a crooked Hillary Clinton.

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  • The Duke of York

    Duuhhhhhhhh Me voter for Hillary, durrrr Me know she corruption dahhurrrr
    Me know she make lie duhhhh Me vote anyway duuuuurrrrrrrrhhhhhurrrrrrrrr

  • Sharon Flynn

    you can point out all of Hillary’s evils and her followers just don’t want
    to know. “lady bits for president “

  • Kelsey Dobson

    hollywood HAS to agree with hilary.. they have no choice… they cannot
    speak against her.. its against the rules of their livelihood
    so ashley judd and celebrity personas have to agree when on film that the
    democratic nominee is the best choice.. and are paid to agree… thats the
    deal with the devil they made

  • Charles Eldredge

    After all the blood shed in the Middle East and Central and South America
    it’s extremely hard to understand how anyone could support Hillary…except
    for money. If anyone else is supporting her I can’t fathom it.

  • thehomeimproverdoes

    omg, I always like Ashley Judd seen all her movies always thought she was
    something more then just the hot chick next door after listening to her
    recent political comments , as if anybody cares what she thinks), turns out
    I was wrong , she’s just another movie bimbo !

  • Gabriel21733

    she is an actress that lives off of her access to media and the elite. Do
    you think she will endanger her position by speaking in unambiguous and
    derogatory terms about people in power? In order words, to commit career
    suicide because someone asks her questions? I think she was very
    accomodating, all things considered.

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