Exclusive Post GOP Debate Interview With Gary Johnson

Joshua Cook interviews former governor Gary Johnson. You may be surprised about who Johnson thinks will win the GOP nomination.

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  • cbrabb

    The GOP is nothing more than status quo! Great interview – I voted for Gary
    last time. I was hoping he’d get 5% so the Libertarian party would become a
    major party. I’d venture to say that MOST Americans, the avg. guy/gal, is
    more libertarian leaning than either one of the major parties. Carly F. is
    a huge advocate – and helped invent – the spy state we live in. She was the
    CEO working with the NSA on much of the tech that currently watching
    everything you do online, on the phone and even walking down the street.
    What chance do we have of getting a Gary Johnson elected – or someone like
    him? None. The sheeple can’t seem to break the cycle. It’s like we’re in
    some kind of ‘royalty’ trance.

    • rockshot100

      +cbrabb Thank you for the helpful tips!
      In your opinion, is the cherry Kool-Aid any better than the Berry
      flavored? I hear that there is not much difference as long as you put a
      little dab of toothpaste in it. At least 8 glasses per day while watching
      Dance with the Who The HELL ARE THEY, commercials are fab.
      I also find that trolling the latest trending meme is also calming, at
      least to me. Also if you just don’t use the word, “than” and instead use
      “then”. You can not compare two things and it is much less confusing, and
      more trance friendly.
      And, I find that the new Super Sweet corn on the cob does wonders for,
      never mind!
      Anyway, thanks for sharing.
      Anybody else have any reality hacks?

    • cbrabb

      Read People magazine, watch MSNBC and lots of sitcoms and dramas on TV.
      Also, drink lots of fluoridated water, take all of your medications and get
      drunk daily on Coors Light. If you really want to go hard-core
      trance/zombie state, take at least two anti-depressants along with all the

      May your chains rest lightly upon you, while you lick the hand of your
      master who feeds you.

    • rockshot100

      +cbrabb I would love to be in a trance! I do not care what kind of trance,
      as long as I don’t have to face reality. Please advise!

    • JuliaB1955

      +cbrabb I DO understand, and I don’t mean to castigate you. In fact, I
      didn’t get to experience the real Gary Johnson until I moved to NM.

    • cbrabb

      +JuliaB1955 I didn’t vote for “Gary” per se. FYI. Some things I don’t like
      about him, for sure. But Ron Paul had already dropped out of the race. And
      I didn’t want to continue waisting my vote on the fraudulent 2-party system
      any more.

  • yakyakyak69

    The Marxist Police State is expensive. Crony politicians, the court system
    and their militarized police enforcers are NOT your friends or your
    protectors. They are your OVERSEERS engaging in “legalized” theft,
    extortion, assault, kidnapping & murder while working for the oligarchy
    that empowers, feeds, houses & protects them. Only FOOLS & SLAVES vote for
    more government. YOU are just a servant on the govt plantation.

    As long as the PRIVATE Central Banks & Fiat Currency exist, you are at best
    a serf after your time slaving to pay tax tribute each year.

    • StopTheMorons

      +Jeremy Peters No it doesn’t. Real sentiment is expressed either way.
      Anonymity is an important feature to keep. Anyway there are other forums
      for that purpose.

    • TheBackwoodLink

      +Jeremy Peters
      If everyone used their real name here you’d be getting the same lies you
      get in person. People would be telling you how intelligent and beautiful
      you are.

    • JuliaB1955

      You think maybe some of us work/freelance in so-called progressive
      industries that punish us/withhold work if we don’t worship at the altar of
      the Democratic peen? if you support me financially, I’ll sign my full name.
      Gladly. Nonetheless, when I see Gary Johnson in town, I’ll b e sure to call
      him out for being both a patrician and a panderer to the majority ethnic
      group and illegals.

  • Gunloc26

    As soon as Fiorina’s past support for cheap foreign labor, as CEO of HP, is
    brought to the forefront she’ll be ripped apart. As someone who works in
    the tech industry I totally despise the fake bitch. JMO.

  • marty lamb

    Why do people keep saying we can`t “allow ” Iran to get a nuke? Who the
    fuck tells these people they have the right to “allow ” another country
    anything? The fucking arrogance of people in this country is astounding.
    India and Pakistan have been threatening to destroy each other for a
    century now… and we had no qualms about allowing both countries to
    develop nuclear weapons. Now I am supposed to believe that if Iran gets a
    nuke… they will immediately launch it on America. Fucking REALLY?? I do
    believe there is only ONE COUNTRY that has to worry about Iran getting a
    nuke.. and that is Israel. And since Israel is rumored to have a nuclear
    arsenal of over 700 warheads… and in moments could render MECCA a nuclear
    wasteland that no one could get anywhere near for a thousand years or so, I
    doubt that is going to happen. Let Israel worry about it.Perhaps we should
    mind our own damn business, Gary.
    A fucking so called libertarian discussing whether or not we should “allow
    ” a sovereign nation to choose it`s own destiny… I guess some
    libertarians are a little more liberal with other peoples rights than
    others… or perhaps they are just libertarian till it gets scary .. then
    they go full NEOCON… WOLF TICKETS.

  • rockshot100

    Sorry Gary, Carly was/is an idiot. That grudge bearing remark about her
    face was just childish and not gracious at all. She stood out but not in a
    good way, and she provably LIES about running HP into the ground. Still
    that was not as bad as the idiot from NJ telling her and Trump to stop
    bickering, and proclaiming that HE was the adult in the room.

    • JuliaB1955

      +IMAGonTheInternet Oh dear God! And if you live in Taos County, then you
      are even more snookered. Please don’t speak Dr. Paul’s name in any context
      with Johnson. (Of course, say whatever the heck you want; I’m just trying
      to express the extent to which Gary Johnson repulses me.)

    • JuliaB1955

      +Independent I don’t understand your response. I’m commenting as a person
      who sees Johnson for the patrician he is, not to mention a panderer to the
      ethnic majority in NM. I happen to live in New Mexico now (less than 2
      years), so I’m saying no love for him from me in New Mexico. I’m not for
      taxes on income. Period.

  • Independent

    Gary Johnson’s credibility has been long gone after Bill Still and Karl
    Denninger called him out big time.

    Disliked the video because of it.

    FairTax is a complete joke. I prefer the Flat tax instead. Don’t believe me
    then do your own research by searching FairTax Fraud

  • rockshot100

    Who wiped the comments off of this post? Hillary, do you have any idea?
    Oh that is right, Hillary Honey, doesn’t even know what that means! I am
    SOOO happy that her political and any other public career she might have
    had is over because I can’t stand to even look at her, the same nausea I
    get by seeing Bush. They both are the very definition of “darkly grotesque

  • Independent

    Gary Johnson is the Brian Sandoval (Nevada Governor) of the Libertarian
    Party or worse Barack Obama.

    And besides that: Gary Johnson defrauded his supporters and the Libertarian
    Party members thousands of dollars.

    Please see Bill Still Report 41 & 87 on the YouTube videos for more
    information about it.

  • rockshot100

    It is SURREAL to watch the independent party debates that are NEVER covered
    on any MSM. I did watch the debates in 2008, and WHAT A SHOCK THAT WAS!!!
    However, RT did cover those. But I felt like I was watching a debate about
    some other country, but oddly they were actually talking about the main
    issues of the U.S.A.! What a wild and INSANE Idea! When I figured out
    that these were the debates, I almost passed out.

    • rockshot100

      +Independent Yes, Independent.GARY JOHNSONWears pink oxford shirt, hangs
      out in ski resort.Climbed mountain once (or so the story goes.)End of
      Resume. And Fiorina, MSNBC news ran headline today: Fiorina Caught
      Red-Handed Liar. End of Run. This is all we need to know about either one
      of them. I checked them both off, I don’t care what exactly they say
      either did. Still it will be fun to see Hillary forced to face reality!
      She might even go into a RAGE and throw shit on live TV! I imagine her
      like a cornered animal, hissing and foaming at the mouth, with wild/crazed
      look in her eyes. (Hisssss!)As Sec of State, Hillary was greeted with
      having shoes thrown at her in Jordan, much to her surprise, it wasn’t what
      she expected. I saw that vid.She was in the hospital the minute she got
      back. Sounds like she might have got hit in the head hard, doesn’t it?
      She acts like she is still seeing stars. In a wonderful and just world,
      she and the rest of Washington would be sent to Guantanamo for the rest of
      their days. Force to listen to LOUD Israeli Heavy Metal, 24/7, and be
      sexually tortured, etc.Opps! Sounds like I don’t think much of Treason and
      Traitors and drug dealers, etc…..

    • StopTheMorons

      +Independent I looked at 41, I get the point, but your comment is wasted on
      me because I don’t really believe in politics anymore, I have no allegiance
      to any party nor do I trust that organizations of men and women external to
      my own life and experiences can provide solutions on my behalf, I don’t
      believe in governmental authorities, or that voting works, or that
      elections actually count for anything other than to subject everyone to

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