Angela Merkel Gets Drunk Slams U.S / Trump, Japan vs North Korea?

Today on Memorial day we cover the latest breaking news from Angela Merkel announcement against the U.S, the protest in Venezuela, the tensions between North Korea and Japan plus a lot more.

Memorial day video

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  • E. Joseph Louie

    I think the President (4 the most part), did exactly what I voted 4 him 2 do. Which is put America 1st, & pull out of that Unconstitutional, job killing, money sucking Hoax called the “Paris Accord”.. If Merkel is pissed about it, & about Trump tellin them to pay up on there own defence, dont give a shit…. Sorry u cant use that $ to give welfare to migrants.

  • mac423

    Duterte is going to slaughter them in the Philippines. Not that I advocate the government and how he uses it… but its set up to slaughter opposition like isis.

  • Oscar Martinez

    I would like to fact check you Luke. Memorial day is for those who have died in combat. I do enjoy your work and keep doing what you been doing.

  • greg spain

    haven’t you heard?all of these half dozen presidents are keeping the US in perpetual war and now it’s trump’s turn.besides,
    a billion isn’t so much anymore.judicial watch just told us obummer spent 6.7 million on vacations during his apology terms

  • Russell Bree

    Merkel sold her country to islam so whats she bitching about . Why is Trump arming our enemy ? our enemy will only train and arm ISIS

  • greg spain

    mccain tried to get money from russia for political campaign and the guy he talked to got murdered.what?no witness?sounds
    a little clintonesk,if you know what i mean

  • Kurt Kieffer

    Merkel is a Communist Cunt who has betrayed Germany, America and NATO. Voters should send her to Hell soon enough!

  • Michael Johnson

    With all the problems to concentrate on, being furious over failure to make an agreement on climate change is laughably ludicrous. It’s only important to the NWO luciferian bankster tyrants who are pouting about not getting their carbon tax!. Climate change is a rework of the debunked global warming ruse, based on pseudo science.
    They never apologized for being wrong and didn’t skip a beat before wheeling out their climate change ruse.
    People, stop falling for the UN BS. Their plans are only for the benefit of the central bankers and their corporatocracy, the bankster oligarchy.
    They created communism, the biggest political ruse in history. It purports to be a workers paridise, run by the people. So why is one of the planks of the communist manifesto a central bank? Hmmmm? Because lt is cleverly disguised controlled opposition. But the basic mechanics are centralization of power and decisions by soviets, which are comprised of beurocrats with no accountability to the people.
    The EU IS the Soviet Union, and a model of what the UN globalist government will be. That’s why everyone wants to get out.
    The Brits found decisions about PARKING being made by faceless beurocrats. Your costs go up to meet goals and plans elsewhere.
    The architects of this tyranny have a plan. First, split up nations into a hodgepodge of smaller units to destroy national and regional pride. Second, to create distributive manufacturing so that no one area has the ability to build an entire weapon! All of this extra expense because they know people will want to rebel. Third, herd people into metro gulags, and prevent them from living in the natural environment.
    The frumpy sot Merkel is their shill, helping to bankrupt, disarm and homogenize the population.
    For Obama to meet with Merkel before Trump is the biggest breach of statesmanship, protocol, etiquette, taste, and form I have ever heard of! Trump should do everything to make Obama’s life hell every day from now on.
    His meddling in foreign affairs at odds with US policy must stop, one way or another.

  • bluesinter

    maybe but she is a politician. She talks out her ass like all politicians. You can’t expect this comment will be carried out like established policy. After all, she is totally owned and does what she is told. So she opens her mouth and gets some press exposure and then this comments importance will slowly drift away.

  • Maureen Mizuno

    About time that the whole world is on notice America is not the breast of the whole world.
    I’m happy that we have a president that is arming us to the teeth. I am sorry if you rather see us remain weak by depleting our ability to protect ourselves. But as for me I want our enemies to know if they mess with us. We will blow them out of the water or off the planet whichever comes first. Then everything can get quiet and relaxed in this country.

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