Operation Reinhard – Ariana Grande’s Music Is Not Worth Dying For

On Monday night, an Ariana Grande concert in the UK was rocked by a savage act of terrorism. The perpetrator, believed to be 22-year-old Salman Abedi, died after detonating a nail bomb, which killed 22 and wounded at least 59.

There’s a lot that could be said about this attack.

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  • Bubba Lee

    Hey y’all, to share information and help conversion I think it’d be good to know: How Were You Red Pilled? Please share below.

    For me: I was working with a black/Latino friend on a business project, and I hadn’t thought of him as dumb, but I only realized later that’s because he’s so physically strong he had a certain extroverted charisma in simple social situations. But actually sitting down and solving problems, I was shocked at how dumb he was. Which led to me search “why are black people so dumb?” There were eventually 3 catalysts of information that made me fully red pilled:

    1) Blacks have smaller brains (and later found out less brain alelles too; which explains their low IQs and incomes, instead of institutional racism/disadvantage)
    2) America used to be almost 90% white (in just 1965), and today we’re closer to 60% white (and our young population is under 50% white; and this is happening in all Western countries)
    3) Jews are very much behind political correctness (which is related to cultural Marxism/multiculturalism, and non-white immigration; and of course are disproportionately powerful in media, law, education, etc.)

    Please let me know if there is a backstory for you as well… because unfortunately as Jared Taylor noticed, it took getting raped or mugged by blacks and browns for most individuals to come around to race realism.

  • Serendipity

    “They” had already decided who next would have to pay their dues to become a REAL member of Whore-A-Wood (excuse me, Hollywood). Arianna wanted in … badly….. so I heard.

  • Dušan Bálint

    Nothing is done about that. Literally the next concert it can happen again. Hope at least people stop going on such degenerate events, but again it can be done in a metro, airport, sport event… What happens if someone detonate in a kindergarden or hospital with newborns? They can do it right now today freely

  • Fui Gebhardt

    theres literally no music worth even listening to since around the year 2000 at the latest. underground or pop, 100% of it is embarrassing cringe. to think, people act like disco was a national embarrassment! well, there was actually one song that came out a few years ago that was actually good, but that was it. one song.

  • Sergeof Sergius

    Who pushes all this garbage, trashy, over the top sex, transgender puke anti family values.? The Zionists Jews., It’s a pity American hating Adriana grande survived instead of those children.

  • Drink Your Nail Polish

    Modern pop music is so disgusting and vapid, I’d rather my children listen to Marilyn Manson than Ariana Grande.

  • TheSwordpoint9

    Thank You Reinhard , The most well reasoned explanation from such a Young Man is refreshing . Keep them rolling !

  • Serendipity

    Yes, Muslims hate Western culture that idolizes sexual perversion. This is how they fight against it. BOTH are disgusting!!

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