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  • Stevethesearcher

    Christoper Green has probably kept me going recently. I have been seriously
    depressed. His spiritual reflective videos have been great. I am old enough
    to be his father. So I am not some impressionable teenager.. It’s probably
    crazy but I am serious.

  • Top of the Food Chain

    Making a better cup of coffee, a better car, or a better phone is not
    antithetical to poor people sitting under the Somalian sun, stoning each
    other to death. “Consumerism” has its crass elements, as practiced by some
    affluent people, but it benefits more people than the false “equanimity” of
    Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela. You sure spend a lot of time begging for
    funds to buy new cameras, bandwidth and venues to speak your message.

    We can’t feed the world. There will always be haves and have nots. We
    should strive for a system that offers maximal employment, and the
    healthiest lifestyle, for the most. We agree, that Globalists oppose that,
    and arbitrarily pick winners and losers. We disagree, that all the nice
    things you seem to consume, are bad.

  • NismoFury

    We live the way we do bc of greed. Rich people wanting to be more rich so
    they buy & create a system with their power & influence to control the
    masses just so they can be greedy & do what they want. People have turned
    into animals bc they dont want others to have what they cant have. I should
    be free of concern or judgement or ridicule to do anything. For example i
    go to the movies by myself. What happens? The ticket person already thinks
    he’s by himself so i don’t have to be polite. I go in get a drink & popcorn
    no thank you no could i get you anything else. Go to theatre room guy rips
    my ticket says nothing not even a smile. Go find a seat i want then not a
    moment later is asked to move down so other greedy ppl in larger numbers
    can infringe in on my life bc i was there by myself. There are plenty of
    other seats i reply. Yeah but we would like sit there. You are by yourself
    You can sit down i got my whole family & MY KID wants to sit here. Then I’m
    looked at as the evil man who denied his kid. This is why ppl lose their
    shit. This is why the world is fake & full of greed & corruption. This is
    why we as a species are not happy. Pessimism is how you avoid anger.

  • Gene G.

    All we need to know is that this world is temporary and coming to an end.
    Focus on eternity and sow your treasures in heaven.

  • lsk464

    You claim to have produces a “good” video but did not post it but instead
    you post your mindless babbling, Chris Green WTF. You keep demonstrating
    you hypocrisy, you complain about consumerism then mindlessly consume
    products, you say you don’t smoke as you then smoke, what is happening to

  • Daniel Bagnell

    couldnt be more perfect… douche bag in bently who cant drive… asshole
    in a8 passing douche bag in bently who cant drive! comsumerism at its

  • moonshock

    Christopher, in addition to the businesses and their indoctrinations you
    really should do a nice exposé on the too big to fail banks and why they’d
    just assume have the 99% of us be poor while the 1% maintains its control
    on everything and how the banks truly do have more power than even the
    governments of the world. The collusion between the big banks is absolutely

  • 0/o o/0

    siri alexa ChickBots people get Off talking to smfh ….. think about it
    ….. actually Go ask Them lol u Retarts …. Go Outside

  • Kevin Huddle

    Chris, you should try a sensory deprivation tank for a few hours and think
    about these issues for a bit. I tried one yesterday, and not only is it
    incredibly relaxing, but it’s where you can think on a different level.
    Your body disappears, and I hear if you do it enough you can separate from
    ego as well. See things in a different light.

  • Kevin Huddle

    Also, I think people are created in the image of God. And no I don’t buy
    into organized religion because it’s obviously been manipulated for TPTB’s
    benefit. But there are some things in the Bible that stick out to me. The
    kingdom of heaven is within all of us. This means that we are all like God,
    and we are all connected in some way that we don’t understand yet. We have
    the power to make this dimension what we want. You’ve talked about this
    idea in some of your videos. We are all alot more powerful than we realize.
    Our bodies and consciousness were created to change our physical
    surroundings. Quantum theory is hinting at that on a different level (see
    double slit experiment- the observer changes the outcome of the experiment
    based on what they thought would happen). The second coming of Christ is
    this mass awakening that we are seeing. The more of us that wake up the
    more powerful we become. I’m about to start reading the origin of
    consciousness and the breakdown of the bicameral mind. I’d love for you to
    check it out and maybe do a video on it and share your thoughts.

  • Flat Proof

    Hopefully u read the comment it’s a little long but know one as done a
    video on this.They just talk about the fall of the NWO.They don’t c the
    bigger picture look how much money has been spent pushing this agenda.Love
    ur work peace brother

  • Clyde Burton

    I think your videos are great.This is a matrix.You are right about that.I
    hope they dont get rid of alternative news but i feel its going to get much
    worse before it gets better.Take care and keep up the great work.

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