How The Democratic Party Nominated Its First Woman For President

In this video, Rachel Blevins looks at three of Hillary Clinton’s latest scandals, and discusses how corruption within the U.S. political system made it possible for her to become the Democratic presidential nominee.

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  • Douglas Crosby

    Clinton Scandals & Lies & Corruption . . . sounds like Obama all over again
    except this time we are all warned first !! BEWARE !!

  • Jay Cee

    What, just top three? You could have easily done a top ten. 🙂

    Hillary seems to think there’s a difference between being held
    “responsible” and being held “accountable.”
    She loves to have all the responsibility but never wants to be held
    accountable for her many openly criminal activities.

  • Havoctheend

    There’s a loooot of shit that we don’t know about and probably never will
    because the Clinton’s and their backers cover their tracks and takes the
    fall in their stead.

  • 2haveFREEDOMpriceles

    So, WHEN are we who are still rational human beings going to stop taking
    orders from these deranged workers of iniquity who place their bloodlines
    in “power” positions to lord over an enslave us? Wow people- just fucking
    ignore these creeps.. Don’t play their criminal games with them- they are
    bad children- they are the brats we would not play with if we were back in
    kindergarten… They are NOT special- they are NOT our God- Can we not see
    they are nothing without us to power them?!

  • anaemiabag

    luke you’ve grown a very nice pair of breasts, why have you changed your
    name to rachel? is that what you meant by we are change?

  • NinjaTactics

    The. elite that run this country have pick this cunt to be the next
    president. Or else she would be in jail by now.

  • Douglas Ferguson

    Did you look at Bernie Sanders during Hillary’s speech? He looked like a
    beaten dog. I am sure Hillary had him completely intimidated one way or
    another; up to even violent threats to his family if that was necessary.

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