Bilderberg Group Members ACTUALLY SPEAK On The Record !!!

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange faces the Bilderberg group members one on one and asks them about their participation in the group. And to a great surprise, the Bilderberg members actually gave us a comment.

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  • Stokjockey

    Luke, I would Love to see you report from the upcoming FLAT EARTH International Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina Nov. 9-10, 2017………………TRUTH is coming out

  • PSR 04

    n.b. ‘Chatham House Rules’ means the same as ‘what happens in Vegas….’. (historically East India Coy met in Chatham House) There is no way a French journalists would be reporting under CH rules, he’d never work again. The Frenchman lied to you. Quel Surprise !!!

  • Sterlin Nelson

    their shit eating grind tell me all I need to hear couple with their fast pace and stiff bodies. They would hate to be us!

  • Jason Strassner

    who was that bald guy,? where can i find any of these supposed journalist’s coverage? what are those “house rules” they kept talking about? The gist i get is that there’s some kind of code of conduct for attendees

  • Sun worshipping Black buffalo

    it is sad by some that the extra-terrestrials who are visiting our planet will not allow Humanity into the galactic family until we have removed our borders and stopped our Wars. becoming a peaceful race is a very minimal achievement required for access to all the amazing things that await. from that point of view one sees the absurdity of paranoia regarding Bilderberg and the suppose that new world order

  • Jo Peskett

    How can these few people dictate how we live our lives what illnesses we have everything about our lives NO they should not and the people won’t take this crap anymore

  • B Aware

    The comment is made by almost all of those that do wish to go on the record is that they look forward to the “discussion” yet never mention what they “discussed”

  • Stephen Grant

    if O’Leary is invited then you can understand what they will be talking about and why they won’t comment.

  • Well that's awfully rude white chocolate

    It is sad these CEO’s, Heads of state etc…can’t put 2 words together.

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