Earth is NOT Flat: Mind-Blowing video is EVIDENCE of what Earth REALLY looks like from Space

Earth is NOT Flat: Mind-Blowing video is Proof what Earth REALLY looks like from Space

-Narrated by: Truth Perception

Mind-bending video shows what Earth REALLY looks like from space

***Used under Fair Use***
I created this video for educational purposes. I do not have all the answers or truth. I do love conspiracies and the paranormal. And I have a passion for creating videos. I create videos mostly off of articles I come across. Just because I bring up a topic does not necessarily mean I agree 100 percent of what is said. Not One single person has all the answers or TRUTH. I believe Everyone has bits and pieces of truth within them. The videos I create and the topics discussed, I leave to you the questions, answers, and hopefully the TRUTH!

Music by: Kevin Macleod

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  • James Harder

    The Flat Earth Society just made an effort to be contrary and
    argumentative. It’s ‘funny’ that 130 years later this diversion is still
    being debated.~* PS. I have been astral travelling OBE for years and this
    world is spherical like others in the sky.

  • Andre Globe

    Although for normal people this evidence is, combined with our own
    observations, more then enough to prove the earth is not flat, flat
    earthers will continue to tell that the earth is flat and these videos are
    just all fake. It makes no difference what evidence we give them, the earth
    is flat for them even when you show it from space….

  • Petter Pam

    Well why not NASA has done nothing butt has lied for years the truth of the
    matter is if they use a green screen a lot do you know what a green screen
    is what they use in Hollywood by the way Happy New Year believe nothing you
    hear and only half of what you see

  • Selangor Maju

    All you need is picture of whole earth, so we could determine the time,
    where is 7am,12noon and 7pm, and size of country. Until then, please don’t
    ridicule others opinion because everyone learn globe earth in school

  • Realillcoastaztecs

    yes, as an experienced CRV and astral projector I know for a fact that what
    we choose to target is altered by our perspective info we’ve obtained prior
    to our set experience thereof. Now to base these theologies on facts, will
    ultimately lead us into the parodox we are all living in. The only truth I
    have concluded to, is that we are holographically electromagnetic and so I
    ask how do these two factors cooperate in our thought formed universe?

  • Stanley Dent

    This video is laughable. I could easily make any of the visual effects you
    just saw above. This is NOT evidence of any sort for anything. I don’t
    really know the true shape of what we are living on, but it can be proven
    conclusively that we are NOT moving (spinning). Anyone can prove this with
    a gyroscope experiment. A gyroscope should roll-over in a 24-hr period if
    the earth were indeed spinning. There has NEVER been a gyroscope experiment
    that has done this. It remains perfectly still no matter how much time
    passes. This experiment cannot be debunked. So, that means if we are being
    lied to about the motion of earth, what else are we being lied to about.
    Exactly. I will unsub this channel. You are NOT a truth seeker. This is
    very clear. You are: 1. Not educated on the subject enough to understand
    the true nature of what is being discussed or 2. Playing for the other
    team. As you have only 8000 subs, I’m going with number one. Gets some
    education and real knowledge, then make videos…

  • Gary Dowds

    Boom ? really ? this is a weak debunking video , earth isnt what nasa says
    it is , fact 1 ,fact 2 is that nasa are proven liars , wake up

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