Pär Öberg & Simon Lindberg – Party Platform of the Nordic Resistance Movement

Pär Öberg is Chief of the Parliamentary branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement and is a city council member in Ludvika, a small town in Sweden. He is also the spokesman of the organization in Swedish media and one of three permanent hosts of Radio Nordfront. Simon Lindberg is 33 years old and has been involved with nationalism since his early teens. A father of three, Simon has been the leader of The Nordic Resistance Movement for over a year.

Our show focuses on the Nordic Resistance Movement (Nordfront), a National Socialist organization with branches in Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Sweden. We begin by discussing National Socialism, a form of social organization that is unfortunately misunderstood by most. Pär and Simon are careful to differentiate between the ideology of National Socialism and the actions of the Third Reich, as advocating for a socialist state with a strong sense of nationalism doesn’t inevitably result in concentration camps and gassings. We then begin going through Nordfront’s nine-point plan for sociopolitical change, which includes ending mass immigration and creating a unified Nordic nation.

In the members’ hour, we continue our discussion Nordfront’s nine-point plan. Pär and Simon argue for the need for a strong government – one that guarantees free speech and exists for the good of the people. We discuss the need truth in society, especially when it comes to politics, and consider the benefit of holding politicians legally responsible for their words. We then touch on the mainstream media, which at this time works against the interests of the people, and often towards the benefit of various international groups and interests. This leads to a discussion on Anna Hagwall, a Swedish politician fired for addressing the fact that the Bonnier family owns much of the media in Sweden. The members’ hour also covers Nordfront’s positions on the economy, trade, military, and more.

Guests website: https://www.nordfront.se/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Our-Path.pdf

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  • kmg501

    I heard this episode yesterday on Stitcher. While I agree with them on
    their fight for ethic state I think these men are horrifically confused and
    wrong in their desire for a socialist state. This basic platform position
    of theirs is doomed to failure. They need to spend some serious time
    studying human nature and economics. You will not have a productive society
    under socialism. You may enjoy a brief period of growth and renew but that
    will run out and you will be back where you started with a new set of
    monsters in control.

  • The King

    Its ok to be nationalistic but why under the banner of National Socialism
    and conjuring the ghost of hitler? That will immediately drive 95% of
    people away even the ones who want a more uniform country culturally. I
    think the choice of marketing under those heading for their platform was a
    big mistake.

  • Starvin Marvin

    I always say that weak and stupid have no right to exist, but the equality
    faggots always ask who is going to decide who’s weak and stupid, I say
    tests and they don’t respond…

  • Smash Cultural Marxism

    Piss on Muhammad, Stalin and listen to what Hitler did say, but you don’t
    need to fall on bent knee to any authoritarian leadership. We need less
    assholes that are consumed with the need to control populations. This toxic
    Utopianism was the problem with Hitler, Stalin, Marx, Lenin, and the modern
    Liberals. I’m sick of socialists stealing my earnings with a new tax at
    every corner.

  • Green Craniate

    Sweden is fucking hopeless. These people should just move to Poland. If
    Europeans don’t react when 1400 girls got raped in Rotterdam there is no
    fucking hope. These guys are like Russians in 1917 thinking things can’t
    get worse, then along comes the civil war, and Stalin, and the purges. The
    people in western Europe are fucking dopes and shit WILL get worse. Get
    into Poland or somewhere that isn’t bat-shit insane while you can.

  • K L

    Inbred? Really? Again the accusal by those who practice that very thing the
    higher up the elitist ladder you go. The only correction they have are
    bastards which they pull back into their lineage after some “cleansing”.
    Princess Diana is a prime example of this. Now they are working on cloning
    and DNA “editing”. The rest of us “precariots” (another word for white
    genocide) have a large gene pool scattered across the continents. Plenty
    for us to pick from, it’s just a matter of travel/communication.

  • MallNinjaActual

    I am glad to hear that some Swedish men are not happy to do nothing while
    the Muslim hordes rape you women. The sooner we start our Reconquista, the
    better off we will all be, including the Muslims. May God bless you and
    give you wisdom!

  • Lamar Green

    Every ethno-linguistic group deserves a homeland to protect from mixing and
    those who wish to mix should have areas to do so, but the Jewish people
    prefer to have everyone amalgamated into groups with no identity to defend
    from their supremacist religion. This is coming from an Afro-American. I
    don’t always agree with your content Red ice; especially when you have
    gentlemen like the one from Ohio talking about Somalian problem there; he
    could have chosen to not use archaic words like negro but I agreed with
    some of his points. Hopefully Sweden survives the Salafi-Wahhabi terrorist

  • chasphotonic

    What is the attraction of the collectivist ideology, as Par, talks about a
    gov’t being in control of every facet of our lives, like that would be a
    good thing? Must have something to do with the small population of Nordic
    countries. Leftists always want to paint national socialism as somehow
    “right wing”, but it not, it’s just another variation on collectivism. More
    gov’t = more collectivism. Less gov’t = more individual freedom. “More
    gov’t” is what all the third worlders want and that is why in places like
    America they are threat to our constitutional gov’t. They don’t freedom,
    they just want free stuff. You scandies need to get rid of socialism. The
    gov’t should be the wall that protects your society, not your “mom” and
    “dad” involved in your daily life.

  • dangerousslave

    Nationalism yes. national socialism? is a doom to failure. socialism is a
    leftist idiology. what about nativism undet the protection of the rule of
    law in the interest of preserving the natural indigonous identity against
    weaponised imigration, in perticular islamic subversion which is part of
    the UN and EU jesuit run socialst movment. re.think needed.

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