Trudeau Attacks Trump For Leaving Paris Climate Agreement – Claims ALL Canadians Support The Accord

Josh Sigurdson and John Doull break down the absurdity and embarrassment that is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s attack on President Donald Trump regarding the United States breaking free from the globalist Paris Climate Agreement.
According to Justin Trudeau, he speaks for all Canadians when he says he’s disappointed and that Canadians stand behind the Paris Climate Agreement and carbon taxes.
What an absolute joke. Trudeau continues to claim he speaks for all Canadians collectively. The statist collectivism is sickening. When he’s trying to tax all Canadians on the air they breath while the overwhelming majority of Canadians stand up against it, he shrugs it off and pretends that it’s overwhelmingly supported.
A tax on everything, driving up prices on food, forcing the poor, especially in rural communities have to pick between feeding their families and heating their homes in the winter. Crushing small businesses and continuing to monopolize massive corporations while the proponents of the carbon tax pretend to stand up to massive corporations.
As John Doull breaks down in the video report, the polluters have always been monopolized by the state. They depend on the state.
In fact government is the biggest polluter on Earth and they pretend that they will stop pollution. It’s a joke. It’s just a globalist excuse for regulation, taxation and more market manipulation.
While Canadian Environment Minister Catherine McKenna buys luxury cars in the hundreds of thousands with tax payer money, the Climate Change barbie claims to be stopping climate change.

The Paris Climate Agreement will not save the environment, it’ll just regulate the small guys out of the market. The free market gives incentive to create more sustainable energies rather than pollutants. The turn of the 20th century proves this. But the government was quickly lobbied by Standard Oil (The Rockefellers) to give ethanol and hemp out of the market.

This is all one major scam and further proof of what we’ve been calling Trudeau all along. He’s an absolute SCUMBAG!

Stay tuned for more on this infuriating story!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Doull

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Kate Catinella

    All the countries who signed on to this Accord have corporations violating environmental protections. Signing that accord has done nothing.

  • Elizaeth Mortensen

    I’m so glad that you, Canadians, are explaining these things to us ! And you’re so young too !!! Thanks

  • kevin perry

    he got elected for the weed . that’s it .Canadians know we’re getting dry fucked in the ass no matter which scum bag (Bravo btw) gets in..may as well be high.

  • Stacy Adams Board

    Trudeau is a MORON and he sold Canada out when he let all of the refugees in to eventually take over. I pray he has an accident or idk something happens so Canada gets an actual leader not a LUCIFERIAN GLOBALIST SELL OUT

  • watcher on the wall

    what do you expect from a fat asses blithering idiot of a school teacher , all he knows is what someone else has told him to parrot , absolute zero common sense and completely out of touch fro the people he is suppose to represent , absolute waste of skin, and people with an undefendable position always respond by putting a label on you ….that’s what child mentality does

  • tantaweens

    These words you speak are true we are all Globalist Stew . Trudeau is a Trader to the Canadian People in so many ways .

  • watcher on the wall

    i do not even know why this country has a leader who really i not even a leader , in a country where you need papers for everything , does he even have a paper saying he is management material, we have internet , everyone has one ip address theres no reason why we can not vote , or decide on every single issue that is up for debate and hove a true democracy instead of this kangeroo count we now have

  • ddomhabs

    Actually, Canada emits about 2 times more CO2 per capita than China. It’s a bit unfair to make comparisons when you don’t take into account the population of the countries.

  • Julian Terris

    Justin Trudeau is a useful idiot for the 1%. If you’re awake -you realize that a carbon tax is just another way to screw the 99%.

  • Quickdraw Macgraw

    Justin Trudeau the compassionate liberal who wants to save the world with a new carbon tax could care less when he was confronted by a woman who could no longer pay her hydro bill because of the extra cost incurred in Ontario because of green energy sources . This carbon tax will ruin our economy and the Canadian tax payer will be run into the ground .

  • chargersrt10

    You guys from Winnipeg? I hear you folks have Cheap Hydro electricity. Lol. Ontarian here. We need to rid. Kathleen Wynne. Then Rachel Notley. Then Trudeau.

  • Jaguar

    Trudeau imbecile pederast traitor
    Canadian not need him and with pride can export this trash imbecile
    Be nice see him in Cuban prison.

  • Robert Olsen

    Carbon tax is a scam for the corrupt gov’t to swindle the working class out of their money. We omitt a very small amount. We also live in one of the coldest countrys in the world and have high heating costs. The climate has had extreme weather changes since the beginning of time.

  • Silver Turd

    Your right Josh! Just like the Globalists ruined the Coal industry in your country! Let’s have tax payers pay for wind farms and charge double for electricity!

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