Black Lives Matter At Vancouver Pride – BLM vs VPD

In an open letter to the police and Pride organization, BLM said how they will not attend pride, not even as protesters, unless the VPD voluntarily remove their float.
Their reasoning? It “perpetuates an unsafe atmosphere for the very same indigenous, and black communities the Vancouver Pride Society has committed to intentionally include.”
Vancouver police, while not provoking BLM, have ignored their requests and are committed to the parade.


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  • John Howe

    Let’s face some facts with the average normal human …when it comes to
    black lives matter in general the average Joe citizen with a functioning
    brain doesn’t give a rat’s ass about them ..They are generally considered
    to nothing more or less than a burden on any society… bitching and
    complaining about everything …BOO HOO on them… START CLUBBING THESE

  • MobiusSideways

    BLM is 1% to 3.4% of the population in Vancouver, but they are able to make
    demands on the police? I understand an armored vehicle is perhaps excessive
    for a parade, but should it be viewed as a public concern or a symbol of
    response readiness? Even with the increase in death related arrest via
    police shootings since 2000, is there really that much need to focus on
    less than 200 cases since 1932? (sorry for the loaded questions. would
    enjoy a sharing of thoughts.)

  • The Last Relevant Sage

    Entertainment at it’s best. Sexually distorted cultural Marxist statists vs
    Violent Communist N*****s. Western society is certainly more diverse these
    days and soooo rich. Just Google images for Iraqi child victims of depleted
    uranium weapons
    and then ask yourself why neither of these two groups of human trash ever
    address that issue as they are too busy wallowing in
    their own ideological feces. Shame on Western society, might as well go
    Pokemon Go, same difference.

  • watcher on the wall

    all these groups, pride movement , black lives matter , indian rights,
    French rights ….ALL BULLSHIT ! your Canadian , all lives F*%^ing
    matter, stop being stupid and playing into the elitist hands ! not just
    different groups ,stop dividing yourselves and stand as one people , no
    individual group can have special rights without it seeding destruction
    to the whole, grow up Canada and become a nation already

  • Shawn Jones

    “The media” is behind the terrorist attacks like 911 and innocence of
    Muslims and France attacks. They aren’t just hyping them.

  • Michael Larson

    what about native lives matter? at least they can actually claim to have
    something done to them at the hands of police and the state. everyone else
    is from somewhere else, they weren’t brought here, they came here of their
    own free will and now they (BLM) are all victims

  • 1140Cecile

    I must say that Vancouver cops are among the best cops anywhere in North
    America. They allowed over 200 marijuana dispensaries to operate with no
    hassle whatsoever until the city finally made some new regulations and
    forced them to shut some of them down. Vancouver cops are more focused on
    real crime rather than drug “crime” and have earned the respect of most of
    the public.

  • LeCrazyCanuckEh

    It’s a class war! Blacklivesmatter works in favor of the Government to
    divide the public! So glad you mentioned it Dan…Cheers

  • violeman

    Lets just say, People Matter!!!
    Everyone needs to focus away from this “BLM” Thing..
    Even Black Cop’s say this is way blown out of the Media!!!
    Thanks 4 Sharing Though!!

  • Ruffneck Matt

    black lies matters at it again . well what do u except from a group that is
    funded by Open Borders , Tides Canada! and the billionaire who finances all
    three groups is a economic and social terrorist George Soros! he funded Red
    Alert from Ukraine! Red Alert is a neo – NAZI group that targets civilians!
    red alert started the Ukraine crisis!

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