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  • staycontent

    If you want to avoid the DENTIST use coconut oil daily — Search “OIL
    PULLING”, I have used for years and my dentist says, whenever you’re doing
    keep doing it. 10 mins a day oil pulling during your daily wash in the
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  • vastell1234

    Yesterday I found a great 5 min. video: Chemtrail Poison/Weather Mod PROOF
    containing a link to: Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in
    2025: … It’s 52 pages people can

  • utopiaopera

    To be fair Richie, I’ve lived in Manchester but spend most of my outing
    time in Liverpool… there’s a stark difference between how friendly people
    are in both cities. Getting on buses in Manchester felt hostile… people
    in Manchester are so closed and suspicious of people.

  • David Ozlo

    Richie made a big pot of lemon vegetable soup. All he added to the pot was
    I hope you feel better my friend lol.

  • the51project

    Even His Holiness fell over the other day playin’ feckin Popemon Go! On a
    serious note, I feel the same as you and Max sometimes. I’ve got a bit down
    recently, with what’s going on, and the continual apathy of the general
    public, and their resistance to breaking out of their own conditioning.
    Post serious stuff to FaceBook – it turns into a desert – post a picture of
    a fekin cat- you get 10 likes. Unless it’s Brexit – when all the cat people
    turned into vile protesters, when they thought their EU was being taken
    from them.

  • xbluebells

    Maybe it has gotten so bad we shouldn’t listen the new world order and JUST
    shut it down. I am addicted to rehashing it over and over to see how I can
    worm my way out of it… but maybe I just got to shut it down and start

  • Truth is Forever

    Trust me Richie, there’s a lot of us over here who ARE NOT LAUGHING one
    bit. Fuching Comey yacking about ISIS while Hitler-y wants to take our
    guns… Trust me, we’re not laughing.

  • hawkboy451

    Who checked your papers before you were let into England Immigrant ? If you
    aren’t happy with patriotic ENGLISHMEN piss off back to Murphyland !
    Christ, it’s no wonder The People’s Voice TV failed in days, who’s going to
    donate to you presenting on a lime-green set LOL ! Go home ! Go home ! Go
    home immigrant !

  • Vins Web

    London/ UK/ EU too far gone.
    sharia law is coming.
    for some reason the elite ruling class are giving away the free western
    world to this radical people/religion.
    move the Thailand with the rest of the brits.

  • starlightlake

    On pensions it is even worse than is commonly reported by MSM!!! Does
    anybody care?

    2.7 million women born in the 1950’s who have paid over 40 years NI have
    had their pension age increased TWICE by up to 6 years with little or no
    direct notice. Any notice given, arrived when this cohort of women were in
    their late 50’s leaving many women – often with health issues,- with
    shattered lives, long term financial plans in ruins and unable to get a job
    however experienced and qualified. The Turner Commission recommends notice
    of at least 10 years for any change in SPA age.

    Cameron has exploited the triple lock as a salve to disguise this abhorrent
    and disgraceful injustice.

    Women born in the 1950’s were the first generation of ladies to join the
    workforce ‘en masse’, as a result the NI contributions pot increased
    dramatically thus funding the welfare state as envisaged by Beveridge in
    1948. Women have had three societal roles breadwinner (wage-slave), primary
    carer as a mother and frequently carer for elderly relatives

    Women born in the 1950’s and who started work at 15 did not have the rights
    of equal pay until 1976 although they were required to pay the same amount
    of NI as men. Reference Barbara Castle and the Ford Dagenham women’s strike
    of 1968.
    NI contirbutions is now counted from the age of 16 so those 1950’s born
    women who started work at 15 have lost a year of NI contributions.

    By the time 50’s born women were in their 40’s, part-time workers were
    allowed to pay into an occupational pension many of whom were women with
    families to care for. This was in the 1990’s.

    The married women’s stamp no longer applies so if the husband dies the wife
    cannot claim a portion of her husband’s pension she must rely on her own
    contributions which historically may have been compromised for the above

  • Tony Griffiths

    Worked in IT for a while. The pensions industry is a very small group, who
    know a lot about each other !

  • Sheerkat7

    Great rant Richie. But none of this is new – it’s just that we are more
    aware of it now. That’s why the 1ers have so many distractions for the
    zombies, which is how they see the herd. The person who said, “We elect the
    president, but we don’t select the president” was Teddy Roosevelt,
    president from 1901 to 1909. People aren’t laughing over here, we’re fed

  • Henri B'astard

    Ritchie, you said the National Health Service would be sold off to the
    highest bidder, NO, it will be sold off cheap to the foreign concern who
    gives the highest backhanders to the politicians and senior civil servants
    in the key posts at the time, as usual with all British government sell
    The average Brit isn’t that daft, you know, he sees what’s going on. Thats
    where our pension money etc. is being “better spent.”

  • Carolyne S

    After our parents generation pop off..that is it,,,gloves off. This
    antiquated system never lasted one generation. Look at our children’s lives
    saddled in debt before they start…cant afford houses…cars and try to
    educate yourself for a bog standard job as a nurse ..teacher….social
    worker……….you’ll be crippled until the day they die….and no one
    stands up and does nothing!..Until we all stand up regardless of and fight for the greater good of us all with one
    voice…we as humanity are doomed! The elite and this monetary system needs
    to go!

  • starlightlake

    Unwritten unsigned contract????
    To receive a full pension pensioners must have the correct amount of
    qualifying years ( that has changed too) and they must have been CONTRACTED
    IN meaning that the full rate of NI contributions has been paid over those
    qualifying years.
    If workers have CONTRACTED OUT then that means workers would have paid a
    reduced rate of NI contributions + the money saved would have contributed
    to an occupational pension – applies to full time teachers and other


    Now for a number of years I have been studying “Psychopathology”, and to me
    this ?Clinton blaming Russia and people losing their lives by association
    is very typical of a Psychopath when they are confronted with the reality.
    They automatically will skew EVERYTHING back against the reporter to make
    them look like they are at fault. Thr Russian thing is a ploy to move
    attention away from their wrong doing’s. The one conciliation in all this
    is that it spells the end for the Psychopath, however, this is when they
    are at their most “Unpredictable” and most dangerous.

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