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In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV shows his gratitude to all AMTV Supporters!
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  • Putin Wins

    Been busy this end of the year I completely forgot you had a fund going.
    You’ll be receiving my donation asap. Happy New Years!! You’re one of the
    strongest and most bold voices out there. I wonder if ever you and Alex
    Jones would have a sit down and discuss the events among us or something. I
    feel like your minds should link up lol´╗┐


    The same company’s you trying to emulate right Chris. Hasn’t your check
    come through from Trump yet,the way youve been giving him a free pass for
    the last year you must be getting payed, Mick ravero & Alex Jones got there

  • Sith Rocker

    Good Job Chris, you and Alex Jones and others should start an Alternative
    Media Channel Station like Mark Levin and other conservatives did.´╗┐

  • Richard Ellam

    Great point – “VOTE WITH YOUR FEET” – And support your local businesses.
    Organic local farm foods is only more expensive now because they can not
    compete with monopolies. Get off the GMO junk and support your local
    farmers. You will need these people when the system falls apart. And
    sheeple just stay on your junk and die. Because there is no future for
    brain dead people. Zombies´╗┐

  • Doug Mcginn

    This guy generally does nothing more than sit in a chair in front of a
    camera and run his mouth. Why would you people be so stupid as to think
    that is an expensive venture?
    You were just conned out of 25 thousand dollars. Youtube is a free global
    venue that does not cost a dime to use, in fact the person posting the
    videos makes money from youtube based on views and subscribers.
    Maybe you think this guy needs 25k to buy video software he obviously
    already has? Maybe he needs a new 25 thousand dollar computer?
    Seriously wake the fuck up, your being conned.´╗┐

  • Nick Smith

    I’ve been thinking of moving to Arizona after I finish college, even before
    I’ve seen your videos. Maybe I can help out as an employee someday… I’m
    sure you’ll be much bigger and bolder in the coming years! Good luck and
    fight on´╗┐

  • noel elfuelte

    This idiot is just another Alex Jones, doesn’t matter how much you donate,
    nothing is going to change. You just keep paying his bills.´╗┐

  • rwhdragonmaster

    Hey Christopher , watch Sean Hannity tonight he has an interview with
    Julian Assange side by side a TRUE PROOF OF LIFE. Check it out!!!!´╗┐

  • Xxx Xxx

    go fund me so I can get a flight out there and hopefully get working with
    one of the best media outlets at the moment…..go Chris oh and I’d love a

  • Shane Potter

    I’m so ready for a facebook replacement. They are blocking access to mobile
    facebook chat so you’ll download their app which will turn on your mic,
    camera, data, etc.. no fucking way i’m ever installing any facebook app.
    I’d love to see their whole empire implode to be honest. Zuckerberg is a
    piece of shit.´╗┐

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