Trump Attacks Iran, MSM Goes After Philip Defranco

In this video, Luke Rudkowski orfWeAreChange gives you latest breaking news, from the James Comey Russian investigation hearing, Donalds Trumps latest moves, how Phillip Defranco is being attacked by the mainstream media and a lot more.

Check out Phillip Defranco’s Video here

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  • Hobgoblin1975

    Let me lay something on you… There..will……war…with…Iran… This is sabre rattling, nothing more, you should be use to it by now.  Look at history, think of all the wars that actually kicked off. Now think of all the ones that didn’t. Its like a hundred to one. Then there are half wars, where they send airstrikes or special forces. Those happen with pretty much no rhetoric. and they will be started before the people by and large are even aware there was a problem.

  • Adam Arroyo

    You are better than some, but some MSM is better than you… sometimes you’re number 1, sometimes you’re last.

    I hope one day that you get CONSISTENT.

  • SteffenD Bieser

    Americans are still paying Israel, their enemy, billions of dollars very year for military. Just and fair, America gets what it deserves 🙂

  • tHeWasTeDYouTh

    hey Luke,
    when the Verge and Fortune magazine makes a HIT PIECE on you and WEARECHANGE you will know you truly made it

  • Chris Madsen

    The American military is the muscle for the most evil force this world has ever known. An honourable person would refuse to join or remain connected to it.

  • Sike Mátyás

    By all due respect to your vigorous and encompassing work, PLEASE LUKE, PLEASE SLOOOOOOWWW DOWN BROTHER, make this video and upcoming videos 20 min or 30…i’m a bit older and the pace you follow is like a bad case of info waterfall! It just overwhelmes me.. please, for God’s sake, talk slower than this. You don’t even give your viewers enough time to let things sink in. It’s very frustrating!

  • Damion Williams

    We just have terrible leaders all over the world. We have to many people in power that could care less of where thier power originates from because they will only serve the dollar and not our voices.

  • pezzmania

    Drop more bombs leads to building more bomb. #MAGA #Kappa

    Trump probably doesn’t even know there is a large contingent of US troops in Qatar.

  • Christopher Younger

    hello WWIII. How could you let this happen President Trump? Against terrorism he says… His foreign policy is just getting worse and worse…… Thanks Luke, you the man.

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