Getting Punched With Lauren Southern At Counter Protest

Luke and Lauren Southern report from the Anti Sharia Law protest in NYC. In this video you can see them getting hassled, punched, and air horned, and accused of being nazis by ANTIFA for simply covering the event! Luke talks with a protestor who is unhappy with him covering both sides of the story.

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  • M Halvaresh

    Fucking idiots… They’re being wound up by the ruling leftist elites via the MSM & they’re too blind to see their hypocrisy as well as too stupid to think critically for themselves.

  • Alex Hamilton

    I don’t get what these ignorant kids are trying to accomplish? It’s all buzz words and stupid slogans. They don’t even understand what they are saying. I think this is what it looks like when you let the less mentally able into higher education. What a mess…

  • crisisofconsciousness

    People support their political party like they do their sports team, they never call out their own team when they make a foul.

  • Anne McLain

    So many questions! For instance, do these people even begin to understand that they’ve been brainwashed by a leftist government educational system thereby supporting the very establishment they claim to hate? They have not the slightest idea how to think for themselves. I’m not a spring chicken and this is downright scary!

  • blondypoo

    It’s fascinating how they think they’re rebelling against “the ruling class” when they are really just being used as “useful idiots” by the deep state shadow government, which is the actual ruling class.

  • CulusMagnus

    _That side supports the rulings class and the federal government, the man who’s in power, we are the rebellion, OK?_ As if supportin someone in power automatically makes you bad. If they are the rebellion, they probably want to gain power. But his own moral stance would forbid him from trying to make the rebellion succeed.

  • ecce lux

    Those horns can permanently damage hearing. That’s assault. Pepper spray them in the eyes. Get the harshest pepper spray you can find, pin them to the ground and burn their fucking eye sockets with pepper spray.

  • Monty Burns

    If these Antifa goons claim to be anti-establishment, where were they when Obama was in power? They want to talk about Nazis but they are the one consistently acting like Nazis.

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