Red Ice Live – “People of Color” Ask for Gibz from White People

This is an excerpt from the sixth episode of Weekend Warrior, a live show exclusive for Red Ice members. Henrik & Lana discuss the ridiculous website where “people of color” make requests (monetarily or otherwise) to be fulfilled by White people as a way for them to make up for slavery and “White privilege.” Really.

Watch the entire episode here:


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  • loudwaters9

    If Karma is in anyway true, then white people may of been black people in
    the last life.
    So, what does the black flesh want from the white flesh? (one things for
    sure is pretty white women with straight hair)
    Because it is just the appearance or the cover of the book, black people
    are judging.
    What amazes me is the constant anger against anyone and anything.

  • What can I say.

    It’s fucking disturbing. I’m from Africa I’m sick of this. Moved to Europe
    and I’m getting this shit again.

  • genXJeff

    I see alot of good, intelligent young black men who loathe seeing this.
    Most black people simply want the same opportunities everyone else has
    which is perfectly fair.

  • Diversity is codeword 4less white people

    I’ll donate a weekend in Chernobyl for a weekend getaway – no lights needed
    due to the lovely glow, plenty of houses for you to practice squatting –

  • Vagian Tuerous

    There is no karma. There is only what people will attempt and others will
    allow to happen.

    The unscrupulous will continue to try to get a free ride by exploiting
    white guilt, while more responsible people recognize it as a continuation
    of dependency on Whites and move on, regardless of their personal views on
    any perceived burden Whites still carry.

    Whites, on the other hand, need to recognize this exploitation will not end
    until we make it end. The cost of forgiveness is too high because the
    unscrupulous do not want an end to the apology, they just want free shit.
    We should regard their forgiveness as just as worthless as they view any
    act of reparation as a meaningful act of redemption. To hell with these

    Warts and all my people have been the spark of creativity that has brought
    this world into existence. How is it our main priority is now to abase
    ourselves to our (by their own admission in their dependency on our free
    shit) subordinates?

  • Wasteofeffort

    How about repatriations instead of reparations?

    Oh, right. Being oppressed by whitey ain’t so bad – certainly a superior
    alternative to living amongst their own kind…

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