Women Begin Hunger Strike In Front of Manitoba Legislature Against CFS

On September 21st, 2015, 7 women begun fasting in front of the Manitoba legislative building against corrupt CFS practices and to spread awareness of the horrible practices CFS perpetuates in first nations culture. From using children as a commodity to neglecting children to destroying the culture in the child, it all goes back to the now infamous 60’s scoop which has continued to this day.
Cora Morgan was one of the women fasting. She’s the first family advocate for first nations families in care. She made headlines earlier this year when she withdrew from the system and blew the whistle on the horrible way CFS treats children and how CFS uses children for their own economic gain.
We also spoke to Grand Chief Derek Nepinak about CFS and he agreed. There is a conspiracy to use government kidnapped children as money. There was a consensus on that fact. Eddy Barahona, a local activist who was robbed of his children agreed as well.
As men set up camp, put up tipis and stood to protect the women as security, women got the smudge ready and prepared for their fast.
We’ll keep you updated on any developments in this hunger strike. We confronted Kerri Irvin-Ross at the event. The video will be up shortly, as well as the full interview with Grand Chief Derek Nepinak.

Video shot and edited by Josh Sigurdson

Grand Chief Derek Nepinak
Josh Sigurdson
Cora Morgan
Eddy Barahona

Graphics by Bryan Foerster

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