SnapChat Will Start Selling Your Deleted Photos And Videos

In this video Luke Rudkowski gives the the shocking and breaking news from Snapchat’s recent investors meeting, where the company has been evaluated for over $16 Billion dollars. According the sources within the meetings, Snapchat has offered up selling users photos and videos as stock footage to raise their evaluation. Snapchat has recently changed their terms and services for this very reason and starting storing private photos and videos that everyone thinks are deleted. Support us and invest in us on sowe can grow our operations and continue to fight for you on the front lines.


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  • JesusChristSaves

    Facebook and Snapchat are doing exactly what they were set up to do. It’s
    all a trap for this accelerated agenda 2030 and the New World Order.

  • Emily Rose

    “Europe is always the testing ground” Bullshit! The EU havs better privacy
    laws (still shit and ignored by NSA) we have better food laws. GMO food is
    with a 1 or 2 exceptions completely illegal in the EU. Medicine has higher
    standards … . Sure England is a CCTV nightmare but don’t claim its all
    Europe. Its more the exact other way around. They want to get rid of the
    EUs good consumer protection laws with TTIP because you are the testing
    ground and now they try to bring it to the EU!

  • Social Circle Gaming (Afearthenrut)

    Hahaha, you know that person who took credit for your work and got the
    promotion? Yeah, that is Snapchat.

  • Social Circle Gaming (Afearthenrut)

    LOL, anything that comes across my computer I can record. Fuck their
    bullshit written on paper decided by those who are not my fucking masters.

  • hatter00

    What do you expect from US corporations? The world’s biggest warmongers,
    money-worshipers, liars, schemers & cunts of all time. The US government &
    corporations (military-industrial complex) is the biggest threat to the
    world..not North Korea, Iran, Libya, Syria, Russia or China – no, its the
    US empire.

  • hatter00

    Luke, thank you for spreading the word. Keep doing what you’re doing, i
    hope these elite cunts don’t come after you. They hate us even though were
    the citizens!

  • Sharon Queen

    Oh I’m sure they were already set up to go hack into our cell phones before
    they even came out, same wth computers…

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