What Nobody’s asking about the DC Shooter

Jason Bermas asks the question no one else has about the shooting in DC.

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  • Bedhead

    Why is the guy who killed UK MP Jo Cox “alt-right” even though he was a known nutter with severe mental issues, but the left are desperate to make this guy mentally ill. Let’s not forget the train stabbing guy was also a Bernie/Stein fan, but liberals claimed he was “alt-right” as well.

  • Zekumaru tv

    this video was not that bad in the point he was trying to make in the video was that the guy was radicalized. and that he might have been on medication to take him over the edge. and that is a question that nobody is asking. as we know big Pharma is part of the deep state. while this event could have been engineered it is likely that he was on medication. that’s all I think burmis was trying to get across in this video why aren’t we asking this question? yes the media and the Deep state have radicalized the left but they have also radicalize the far right as well so we need to sit down and think in the center even though it is just really crazy got to take into account all the facts and ask all the questions to get the full truth. thank you Jason for your input and questioning keep up the good work

  • Douglas Overhoff

    Excellent point about the constant bombardment of advertisements for pharmaceuticals. That’s an issue that needs far more attention and exposure.

  • Douglas Ferguson

    The guy was a pedophile taking out a Republican that was pushing law enforcement against pedophiles. It was a hit assassination target attempt by a organized group of pedophiles.

  • slippybits

    I just remembered you are that bullshit guy from loose change! Twisting facts to suit your narrative! While I believe the US Government should be held accountable for 9/11 Didnt you twist the truth to make the sceptical look like liars?

  • King

    So he has a list of Republicans to shoot, asks where the Republicans are, Then shoots at the Republicans, but this is nothing to do with politics? You sir are a fucking tool!

  • Glenn Horowitz

    Agreed, SSRIs were the likely culprit here. The organization CCHRInt has done some good exposes on those drugs’ tendency to cause profound breaks with reality. They have an unfortunate attachment to Scientology, which I suspect loses them credibility, though I haven’t seen any irrationality creep into their methods.

  • adampincente209

    I’m fucking sick of this channel saying there both faults with the right and the left, as if these people are fucking above it all. We are in fucking culture war with communist. It’s time for wearechange to stop acting the the righteous middle man and get on the mother fuckin TRUMP TRAIN. MAGA>

  • Mark Harman

    Oh, no no no. You’re not gonna blame this on medication. This man was clearly brainwashed. He was one of bernie sanders campaign volunteer’s. This man was directly targeting republican’s. This was no mental illness. This is what happens when the media is so corrupt in this country that it can convince people to commit acts of violence for political reasons. This man hated republican’s because of what the left wing media put into his brain.

  • jedgarsquink

    A few questions I’d like to ask:
    1) If you were going to kill yourself, would you do it by self-immolation in a car? Painful way to go, and what if you didn’t quite die? If you had killed somebody else and wanted to cover it up, would you put their body in a car and light it on fire? Both are possible but which seems more likely on its face? If it were the latter but there was some evidence of death by other cause on the remains in the car, wouldn’t it require law enforcement looking the other way for that to be ignored?
    2) How does this guy have repeated run-ins with the law and have the case dismissed every time? Point a shotgun at somebody and shoot as they’re running away, and no bust? I couldn’t get away with that.

  • Awaken

    Is there more footage out there, besides the bystander? Doesn’t make sense that most politicians take advantage of photo ops, news crews, and push any footage of charity or similar events BUT the only footage was of a bystander? Where was the footage of the event??? Is it out there?

  • lozoft9

    Dude, most of the commenters on your page are way far-right. If you wanna complain about leftist violence, the people you attract diminish your credibility significantly.

  • Nathan Bolan

    110% correct on it has something to do with medication. It’s not even medication anymore people just take this shit for the feeling! And then it leads to things like this. Not all the time. But.

  • Bezz80

    The Declaration of Independence came before the Constitution…figure it out assholes…yes, you assholes on the right…

  • Johnna Funkhouser

    Plain crazy. As a centrist, I can relate. Get in the middle of the road and call it like you see it. Good job WAC.

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