Baked Alaska – Oy Vey Banned from Deploraball

Baked Alaska talks about his evolution into the Alt-Right and being banned from the Deploraball.

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  • J T

    Cernovich and Bill Mitchell: “Baked Alaska and Jared Wyand were great guys
    when they bashed Muslims, but they became racists when they started stating
    facts about Jews.”

  • Washington State for Trump

    Purity spiraling faggots need to fucking die. We never EVER disavow our
    own. We can have disagreements and differences but we must NEVER divide
    ourselves. Remember, traitors die first.

  • William Poole

    Meanwhile Trump appointed another kike, this time in charge of VA. And his
    (((son-in-law))) is President Adviser…really?! Talking about kikes
    running the whole country again. So much for draining the swamp. Really
    His “son-in-law” is super kike btw, so called “prince of jews”! Look it up,
    pretty creepy character.

  • Bryce Boepple

    I’m curious to see if he’ll stick to his guns here. I’m suspicious that he
    might be offered a way back in to the mainstream through shows like the
    Daily Show, if he does stick to what he has said here and in his guest spot
    on FTN after these mainstream shows I’ll be impressed.

    Edit: Or rather, we should all be impressed.

  • Pw L (P)

    we are all very different people after /pol/. But if JDIF is watching I
    have to reiterate that /pol/ is a board of peace and satire…. or is it

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