Megyn Kelly & Alex Jones: Egos & Lies

Megyn Kelly Schmoozes Alex Jones For Hit Piece Interview.

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  • Lee Walton

    RED ICE TV – Getting a little slow on the uptake here… That shit has well escalated since lol I think he’s calling out NBC in all out war now lol

  • J W

    He’s a Joow. I’m sure Megan is a Joow too.
    I bet Alex was crawling around his car smelling the seat that Megan sat in…..while looking for spare change that fell out of Megan’s purse.
    Both of them are using eachother for press coverage amd even bad press is good press.

  • J W

    Just imagine if Megan Joined Infowars as an anchor. Hottie plus conspiracy….Hmmmm.
    Give her a cut if the Red Pill sales Alex and you will be the King of Internet pill sales.

  • spence

    Just because Alex Jones doesn’t cover the things you want him to doesn’t make him a shill, but he might be

  • What is Real

    Its all part of the show. ALL OF IT… Alex Jones and Trump in place the day the planes hit the twin PILLARS.

  • Szygyify

    Good on Red Ice for calling out this ZOG scripted bullshit gossip between Alex Jones and Megyn Kelly! These two media frenemies are basking in Jew self serving manufactured popularity!

  • ZeroReign

    Jones in the past talked about the Jewish dominance within our government and for years exposed 9/11 before silencing himself on that issue to get more financial backing to get more mainstream, but you can find old clips where he talks about the tremendous amount of dual US-Israeli citizens in both the Clinton and Bush Administration.

  • Michael Massey

    i can not stand to hear alex jones’ voice….and his bullshit…..i saw a vid the other day where he claimed Russia had launched a nuclear attack back on new years eve 1999 going into y2k….fear mongering bullshit artist that never once mentions the true problem of this world🔯

  • John White

    You know I do like alex jones and info wars and yes alex is fuckn crazy, he’s a mad man but that’s what’s kind of cool about him, but this interview shit he comes out looking like a dumbass and that sucks cuz I want him to come across as somewhat credible, but when he acts like a dummy and just fuckn talks too much sometimes, he’s gotta learn when to shut the fuck up about something , I do like him and he’s smart but a total madman, he didn’t come out as good as he should have with this whole fiasco, I mean he pulled a dumbass on this one,

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