“Never Be Afraid To Speak Out Against Zionism. Let Them Call You Racist. Who Cares?”

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  • James R

    One funny little quirk of human nature is that people get more upset by an
    untrue allegation than a true allegation against them. If accused of racism
    regarding Israel I will simply state that I am against all sectarian states
    of all varieties, especially in areas where the population is mixed. My
    objections therefore would be exactly the same if someone tried to place a
    sectarian Christian or Muslim state in Palestine, as this would inevitably
    cause trouble with the other groups who live there and such a state would
    equally inevitably disadvantage members of the other groups through no
    fault on their part. Injustice is inherent in any such case and therefore
    opposition to such a state is a moral duty of every thinking human being.

  • Gez501

    Jews are not the problem per se as a race or religion. It is the POLITICAL
    Party and Entity known as ZIONISTS. You are welcome into the Zionist Party
    even if you are NOT Jewish. See how many American politicians are ZIONISTS.
    The CFR members for starters. If I am therfore called a “racist” by the
    ZIONISTS I consider it a great compliment. They are the scum of the earth.
    Racial Jews and religious Jews have very little to fear – except from the
    members and supporters of ZION itself.

  • ⓟⓛⓐⓢⓜⓐ ᕈᒪᗩᔕᙢᗩ John Doe

    thank you for *starting* to bring this forth.. PLEASE CONTINUE!!!!
    blissful blessings always 2 all!

  • fuckyougeorgebush

    Israel and Zionism are vessels for evil, but you always have to keep in
    mind, YOU are your biggest opponent. When YOU didn’t get off your ass and
    go talk to people about what is happening in the world, that was YOUR
    fault. I say exhaust every potential option you have (that is in line with
    natural law) before you blame your problems on an external force.

    I’m not trying to downplay the influence that Israel has on the world, but
    it wouldn’t be a fraction of what it is if the human race would “get off
    its knees.”

  • tonyo o

    Never be afraid to use the word JEWS! Because regardless if they are a
    Zionist or not they all are the chosen one’s and you are Goyim, a beast and
    not even Human…

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