Putin Sets Straight Crazy American Conspiracy Theories

Putin tells Megyn Kelly (Now with NBC) what he thinks about the crazy American conspiracy theories, Russians hacking the election and Trump’s relationship with Putin.

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  • Oleg Asserin

    RedIce, очень хорошая обработка с фильтром видео. Хотел только сказать, I just wanted to say that NBC cut out about 10 minutes of the interview, majority of the footage that you showed here, was of course cut out from the two weeks ago premiere which I forget how many thousands of people watched, turning 20 minute interview into about an 8 minute segment, how’s that for free speech? I don’t think Russian TV censors that much. So the message didn’t go out, but thanks for this footage.

  • John Drennan

    I have no way of knowing whether this translation of Putin’s remarks is
    accurate. I think this bears repeating, though: the report from the
    American “intelligence community” from early January bears the
    imprimatur of THREE agencies: CIA, FBI and something else, I think NSA;
    the statement that “ALL 17 intelligence agencies” have signed off on it
    comes from an executive order late in the Obama administration which
    disseminated a lot of classified material widely so as to promote leaks
    in the early Trump administration—so that statement is just false.
    The unclassified version of the report, which is available to anyone on
    the internet, appears to be 35 pages long but, in fact, has only about
    five pages of very vague, repetitive, bureaucratic jargon relevant to
    the 2016 Presidential election. The purpose of the report, released in
    early January 2017, appears to be to make an unconvincing case that
    Russia preferred Trump and worked assiduously and skillfully to support
    Trump’s candidacy. Had Trump lost, the report claims, the Russians
    would have worked to question the legitimacy of the Clinton Presidency
    and American democracy in general —- which oddly enough seems to be
    the strategy of the Democrat party in defeat. My fear is that Trump is
    actually COLLUDING with the media to avoid fulfilling his campaign
    promises by appearing to be dogged by these charges of working with the
    Russians to get elected. He SHOULD be easily able to discredit all of
    this crap — and that’s even if he WAS guilty of something. Moreover,
    given that Mr. Trump, Mr. Obama and the wise heads in the Congress
    already supposedly have that detailed convincing classified version of
    the report with its supposed HIGH CONFIDENCE LEVEL, do we need any more
    investigations of the matter? Cyber-security is something every IT
    administrator does every day — it’s not something that requires a
    months or years long investigation.

  • ZeroReign

    No doubt Megan Kelly is nothing but an opportunitst, but the fact is both Trump and Putin are in bed with the Chabad Lubavitch Jews, they both have got down on their knees to promote the holy 6 million hoax in their speeches. Both have donned their little Jewish caps and prayed at the wailing wall in Israel, kissing the ring of the rabbis, so to speak. Still even now Putin has laws again anti-semitism and Holocaust denial, because just as under Jewish Bolshevism under the Soviet Union, Present day Russia is still dominated by Russian Jews. Don’t get me wrong I still like to see him verbally whip Megan Kelly and the whole Russian media frenzy, but make no mistake Russia like the United States is still run by the Jews, for it was not Russia that hacked our elections, it was Russian Jews, The Israelis, and Jews in the United States, who wanted a full blown Zionist Candidate Trump over the globalist/Marxist Hillary. Notice how Jared Kushner is the Senior Advisor for Trump and how tight the Kushner family is with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It’s the same with Russia; Putin and Netanyahu are just as close if not more so. Jews in Russia and the United States need to be deported, so we can both have our countries back

  • IQ encodoc

    Nobody with even an iota of intelligence believes in the Russian conspiracies. Probably why so many “liberals” try to push that narrative.

  • marktech2009

    My God that man chooses his words so well; Donald Trump cannot hold a candle to Putin in that regard. Trump is the stereotypical American, patriotic, and speaks his mind often to a fault, lol

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