Amazon Buys Whole Foods to MONOPOLIZE Humanity

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  • Marbhachair Chamus

    Alright forgive me for this: WHY is Bezo wearing crotch hugging jeans in front of CHILDREN who are forced to stare UP at him and his crotch??? WTH??????????

  • itwasabaddream

    *U got problems dude. U find one word — **_luddites_** — and think since u have to define it for people that u know everything*

  • Cross Bow

    mars is bullshit, just all smoke and mirrors , and trump is part of it all , If you think he is not, you clearly are a fool

  • Paula Olliver

    Great video. I will never buy my food online. They won’t control me. If i have to, I will grow my own food. The only reason they have power is because we give them our money. If we don’t buy they will not survive. The true power is ours; the consumers. Education is key and awareness is our way out. Most people are unaware of where this is all heading.

  • Nancy V

    Boycott boycott. you can live without a lot of crap – and stop whacking off to Zionist made porn – stop jerking and cleaning, and start cleaning and jerking, and sharpen your pitchforks people!!

  • Michael Gaines rivers

    Soon major companies will buy out the small companies and raise the prices because they know people need to buy from their

  • harry sachs

    starting to sound like a far left loon. name calling. bezos wouldn’t exist with out the sheep spending money on his companies. which By the way make a lot of third party sellers a lot of money.

  • grape ape

    Quit being so dramatic and childish. Do you want to be taken seriously, then act serious. I appreciate your message but it’s delivery is so cringe. Like a community college sociology professor.

  • Hannelore Tepper

    Jesus saves. I know you all have heard that for ever, but He does and will . Wake up please and realise the Bible is right on . The world is full of lies, but God is truth.

  • PapayaJoy

    Lol.. real news AND real laughter (2 for 1). Once again, you’re the best! BTW, male pattern baldness is adrenal weakness. #facts.

  • Comeback Kid

    Chris you are only following the facts we all can get our hands on but no one is trying because it’s so easy to just hit click.
    People need to start waking up themselves more and more. This is the agenda. What can Chris or knowing what you know now do for you??? Nothing. You are stuck here. Where would you go? All the info is handed to you because they know you can’t stop it. No one can. Live and be happy while you can!

  • Bill Cheung

    This fake capitalism is more like fascism states. Zionists bankers cartels khazarians mafia is real . Even Chinese triads is their paws too 🙁

  • watch tube

    I don’t see how amazon is monopolizing the market. It actually allowed me to get fast price check. Beside, Whole Food is still expensive. I don’t buy from whole food and grow my own.

  • Nasha Naufal

    Hey this isn’t bad at all I always want to buy American food online to my country. Jeff Bezos is the real life Brainy and the Pinky.

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