Synchronicity Sort of Explained in 1 min. (Paradigm Shift)

What does synchronicity mean to you? Comment below!
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  • Devan Jurado

    love this.loved the whole radio show that was about this.?it actually
    caused an awesome synchronicity on the bus.a guy had a book while i was
    listenin and i asked about it and got off on my stop. ran into him the next
    day randomly and he gave me the book (5th agreement) which was quite needed
    at the time due to religous lesions that were on my subconscious.?

    • Skull Babylon Neogonzo-Journalist of the Future ∞ Rebirth from Within

      +Devan Jurado haaha that’s awesome to hear Devan. Synchronicity leading to
      synchronicity leading to synchronicity. Ripple effects. Thanks for the

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