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  • PJ Walker

    Alefantis is an obvious psychopath who can easily flip between the nice guy
    and the malevolent gangster persona throwing his power around, and then
    keeps houndin the poor guy who had simply put the Voat content into a
    video. Now if anyone thinks he is normal, despite the terabytes of info
    online that prove he is far from normal or decent, they need to also look
    into his friendship with Michael Alig, an admitted chickenhawk who has a
    thing for boys under 16 down to at least 10. This creep did time for
    murdering his roomate and is now out on the streets I believe. He left the
    body in his bathtub for about three days and eventually chopped it up in
    pieces for disposal, but you can imagine what he did before, during and
    after the kill. Sick shit, but there it is and this is the type of sickos
    that Alefantis runs with apparently.

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