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Richie takes calls from listeners on many diverse subjects including, Donald Trump and the CIA, why schools are teaching 11 year olds about terrorism and explaining your interest in conspiracy research to your family!

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  • TNN: Trump News Network

    hey! it’s richie, the guy who claims that alex jones has never questioned
    israel for it’s role in 9/11 LOL!

  • Peter Shoobridge

    But Richie, it’s politics. Ugly American politics. If you’re not confirmed
    to office, you can’t do anything. I certainly don’t dismiss anything the
    great PCR says, so I’d like to believe he’s correct. I admit to being
    skeptical, but I’m not yet cynical enough to endorse your stance. Time will

  • WilliamMorgan1776

    What on earth… president shouldn’t say the media is lying? “It’s not the
    president’s job.”

    There are legitimate concerns and even complaints about Trump, this kind of
    desperate reaching is just silly.

  • Brother Charles

    15:36 as long as there is USURY there will ALWAYS be poverty and
    homelessness – it’s inevitable. Get rid of USURY and the people will
    automatically prosper – guaranteed.

  • octavia

    I live in London and had loads of quite heated confrontations and backlash
    from people, mostly from continental Europeans living in UK (some of them
    friends) who cannot vote and who fear for their future in the UK re Brexit,
    understandable I suppose. But none of them had done any research on the
    matter, couldn’t tell me who the committee members were, thought that MEPs
    make the laws- total BS, and couldn’t tell me the origins (Bilderburg) of
    the then EEC and the lies that were told to the British people (by
    paedophile and Satanist Ted Heath) getting embroiled in the shit that has
    become a sinking ship. Nor the fact that the UK, thanks to the unelected
    beaurocratic EU dictators allow us to fish a mere 14% of our waters when we
    are an island! Many people voted selfishly too, cheap holidays in Spain,
    good for business deals blah blah blah. Madness.

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