World War 3 in Syria a Reality

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  • rrshorty41

    Dude…stop crying!!!😢😢😢 You’re starting to remind me of Glenn Beck!!! There’s nothing that can be done to stop what’s about to happen.

  • RubyTuesday

    You are correct, and HRC, McCain, Chuckie all are pushing for it. The same ones that created ISIS. It’s big money for them, except their money will be worthless after this war.

  • sthnwatch

    It’s all about the land grab in and around Israel. It’s about the money but there’s a little more too. The mineral wealth of the Mid-East/GCC region is phenomenal and the U.S. is leading the western world in the charge to possess it all. Russia and China are not going to let the U.S. and it’s allies take it all for themselves (which is exactly what NATO et al., have been doing since before the 1980s).

    It is worse than just”WW3″. IT IS BIBLICAL! It is ‘the Battle of Har Megiddo’ (AKA “Armageddon”).

    It was prophesied several millenia ago.

    U.S.A. should be ashamed of their Gov’t. The U.S. Gov’t is deceiving it’s own populace into thinking that their troops are rescuing oppressed nations from tyrannical dictators. That narrative is getting old now and we’re beginning to see the light.

    Hah! 10:35 you say: “Probably a ‘Gulf of Tonkin moment…” Probably? Ya reckon? WAKE UP NOW AMTV! Wake up. Your Gov’t has deceived you again and there’s nothing you can do to stop them continuing it. All we can do is serve to spread the word that it’s the end and to prepare to head to the hi;ls for a few years while the tsunami of troubled times {(AKA ‘Tribulation’) rolls through town so to speak.

     It’s only a maximum of 7 years we’ll have to ‘Camp out’ for (probably only the final 3-4 years) and then our Good Lord Jesus will ride in to town and take out the trash! It’s the Return of the King. Hallelujah!

  • Shawna Wolfe

    Christopher, you look awful, can tell it’s weighing heavy. Totally agree something was up with the Navy Ship.
    Sadly, when this all does completely unravel people will look back and see that there were some that were sounding alarms.

  • Toxik Logik

    So this guy bases all his information off the MSM that has absolutely no credibility whatsoever.
    I don’t believe a damn thing the TV says or most of these so-called “alternative media sites”. For the reasons I just mentioned.
    Alex Jones makes the MSM and then goes into full WW3 mode directly after LOL!
    If you guys can’t see through the bullshit by now then you never will. So don’t even try it.

  • Gabe King

    Trump is just playing the NWO and McBastard. I wouldn’t freak out until the ICBM’s are actually in the air.

  • Mr. Grey

    Someone on here said Love Him or Hate Him , Chris that is…; I think Chris is truly stating all this heartfelt??!!!!!!!
    I’m sorry. Shits going to get real folks. I’m not saying buy 1000.00’s worth of bug out shit. I’d say at least two weeks worth of water and Etc…. you DZoNT want to stay in one space long. You can’t carry that 1000.00’s worth of shit. Be smart friends do your homework!!!!!

    Stay safe !!!! From NY.!!!!!!

  • Theron Mclauchlan

    christopher green are you ok???? maybe you should take a little break you seem really affected.. ill pray for you brother.

  • Joshua Conley

    Chris I am so feeling like you in this report. I can see my own frustrations in your expressions. Fuck these people; hey bro I go army of two with you against these fucks any day. Your voice is strong, my blow is mighty, I can’t wait till this craziness becomes reflex survival! I’m with ya Chris.

  • jega thaver

    look green…fucking dont talk like that …if war is coming let it come…..then see wtf happens…just dont sound like u will die.

  • Toxik Logik

    If I saw or knew a nuke was coming, I would enjoy the show with my popcorn. I would welcome it with arms wide open. If a huge wave came, I hope I would get some warning so I can grab my surfboard and paddle out about 2 miles and ride that puppy inland.

  • sm1ofakind

    Everybody is too worried about what beer they’re going to drink tonight or what sports game is on to pay attention to this. You know, that stuff is real important, don’t ya know?

  • Christopher blocker

    well with this happening maybe we should’ve done something but if we did we only delay it plans maybe mouths days ??? who knows only thing Ik if bombs do drop I won’t sit on my ass I would rather start a group or find of group of people that truly want to fight

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