Stell Bell – Advice for Young Women Who Want to Live a Feminine Life

Stell Bell is a teenage YouTuber. Her videos focus on traditionalism, nationalism, and identity.

We begin by discussing how Stell found the Alt-Right. She explains that Donald Trump’s campaign led her to begin thinking about issues such as demographics, immigration, and nationalism. We then examine the political and cultural views common among her generation. Stell offers advice for girls interested in living a more traditional life, including not swearing and avoiding promiscuity. This leads to a discussion on traditionalism: what it is, and why it’s important. Later, we talk about the question of women in politics, and conclude with a discussion on Stell’s plans for the future.

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  • John Peterson

    ohhh….. young lady you are so beautiful..femininity is real strength not some made-up nonsense , burning bras and wearing pink hats …looking like fools, real women stand tall proud and see what’s Within… you can make men build worlds for you, you can use your own hands and do it too.. you can stand so tall and proud, Kings will hit the ground and bow… when you look in that mirror, I hope you see, what I see the representation of God’s Beauty..

  • John Madsen

    liberalism is the easy way. that is why they dont rebel. it is easier to have no morales and sleep around. it is easier to let another work while they take welfare for their bastard children. it is easier to not study and be stupid and lead by the state. it is easier to eat whatever you like and become fat and disabled.

    You hear Liberalism is a disease — it literally is.

  • Tiwaz Aenglisc

    It’s funny,because I can say I’ve had the exact opposite experience at my school..

    My schools very red pilled.

    With a large number of kids sympathetic to the alt-right.

    Although we still do have our degenerates.

  • Grimace 14

    Stell Bell is great! She and ‘APurposfulWife are the only true Traditional women i’ve seen in the alt right.

    All the other Alt Right thots piss me off. They talk like men.


    I actually found this girl’s channel about a month ago, I can’t say that I am subscribed because it takes a while for me to warm up to people before I subscribe to them, but I am impressed that Lana has already decided to conduct an interview with her. But then again, if she interviewed Evalion, why not StellBell? Congrats young Lady! Don’t ever stop fighting for what you believe in!

  • Incognito Indigo

    Am I really supposed to listen or even care about the opinion of a 15 year old girl? How THE FUCK does she even know or can even teach ANYONE about traditionalism…Alt Right has become such a fucking joke…

  • haremesc

    what a great kid! signed up for her channel and I am 53…sent her videos out as a ray of hope for the future and posted them on GAB.AI….

  • Patricia Sorensen

    Lana! I love your opinions and the big sister advising the younger sister is very natural – but please try to keep it at least equal time, better yet, let her have more time sharing her 15-year-old point of view. What influences and inspires her? The kids right now will impact all our lives when they become adults.

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