Brainwashed College Girl: Why White People MUST Have “Diversity” in Books

This is an excerpt from Lana’s 3Fourteen interview with Bre Faucheux titled, The Problem With Diversity in Books.

They laugh at a college girl who made a video about why we must have diversity in publishing in response to Bre’s video arguing against it.

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  • Spirit

    Muslims have sex with their daughters and prostitute their wives. They also
    wipe their fucking asses with their hands and eat shit. As far as the
    niggers I go to the zoo to visit them.

  • Ariane Kosmolowski

    As much as I agree with you – some things you said are actually not true:

    – Mexico is diverse! You have many tribes, and colonial whites living
    together. The point is: they have been living there for centuries, and the
    white people have merged.

    – India is extremely diverse! you have Aryan and Dravidian people, also
    other small groups. BUT they don’t fight, they respect each other, and no
    one says that Aryan Indians are bad!
    They might not always like each other, but if there’s any group that’s
    causing problems, it’s Muslims. Who invaded India some time ago and
    destroyed much of the heritage.
    The caste system is basically racial segregation, with white heritage
    people being the ones who made India great. Hindi is like Sanskrit and
    Vedic an Aryan language.

    – Germany even is very diverse, look at all the different dialects. The
    tribes were independent for a long time because they hadn’t seen Roman
    Imperialism (which was like today’s Globalization)

    All have in common: These diversities are historical, not forced. The
    problem today is that immigration is forced and you are not allowed to
    oppose it.

  • The Puma

    Funny. When I came in contact with Chicanos, they were such bigots against
    non Mexicans. Talking up their “Chicano” heritage as if it was the bees
    knees and talking shyt about Central Americans “Logs”, ergo pieces of shyt
    and dismissing a person like me who is more American Indian by blood and
    heritage (Peruvian, Quechua Huampu). If anyone has ever seen the movie
    Blood in Blood out it is all about overcompensation for them because they
    are uber racial muts “hijo de la chingada” who have no real identity – the
    result of Spanish invasion colonization, colonial policies of whitening the
    indigenous population of Mexico to be more European to the point that
    classics have been written in Latin Ameirca about the internal racial
    cultural alienation about having multiculturalism – Spanish/Indigenous (in
    its many forms) – forced down upon original Mexican amerindian peoples
    throats. In the end these “Chicanos” are overcompensating rudderless
    losers. Fuck them!

  • Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus

    i had to take a sociology 101 in new jersey over the fall, and things are
    honestly really bad. The humanities departments are aggressively anti
    white. i had to filter out about 90% of what our adjunct social justice
    rabbi was telling us. if i had a dollar for every time the guy discounted
    biology i could have paid for my whole education

  • TheRaokenx

    I’ve met several Mestizo women like this- they get hysterical when you
    argue with them from a conservative perspective- they cuss, threaten, yell,
    and simply won’t have a conversation

  • Andy Gifford

    I do not know if this is a rumour but I believe it and that is The
    Protocols of Zion states in order to be in charge over everyone White
    people have to be conquered and they best way to do that would to dilute. I
    am not a racist but it is a little bit like having a virus that attacks a
    healthy organ such as in Addisons disease it takes a while for the medical
    community to figure this out and that it seems is the same when the body
    politic is being attacked by another community behind the scenes that is
    been co-opted by a secret society, the ability to influence other groups

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