Linda Moulton Howe On Animal Mutilation, Government UFO Cover-up, Holographic Universe & More.

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  • Key Maker

    arhh … its good to see you stretch your topics Richie. … keep pushing
    the boundaries .. your the guy ti pull in many peps that would not
    otherwise get to this sort of info … :-)

  • charlie charlie

    Richie you will talk about lots of out ther stuff but will not touch FLAT
    EARTH, WHY . You block my comments and that says it all and a growing
    number of people are aware of this.

  • Christopher Kecun

    Fascinating, when you next get to talk to Linda (or David for that matter),
    would you ask how best to prepare for transition into a positively emitting
    universe? it sounds like heaven.

  • charlie charlie

    No space no ufo,s, The only treaty in history that has not been broken,
    Antartica Treaty, why.Well done Richie for promoting the (fake) Alien

  • Julian Carver

    Ufo, mutilations……are a very real phenomenon.
    I suggest people start slowly and at the beginning of the coverup
    1947….with this ufology subject, The truth embargo and build up to the
    subjects discussed in this interview.
    Iistening to this show, without any real knowledge of the subject is going
    turn folks away.People the stuff discussed here is actually not that crazy
    at all.

  • lake fire

    Jeffrey Dahmer done this to a score of Homosexual Negros yet he was no
    medical expert I believe these are simply the work of sick minds

  • Tre Toco

    Linda talks talks won’t let Richie ask a question, won’t consider the moon
    landing and space is fake, or the earth is flat, or according to traditions
    and ancient Indian books that these ships are coming from under ocean or
    underground. not trillions of miles away in some amazing ship only to get
    show down by our stupid weapons!!! ha!ha!ha! or as some say lightning!!
    ha!!ha!! next time Richie take charge of your show and don’t let this green
    men supporter take over !! I feel sorry for her husband she’s the type that
    won’t let the poor guy get a word in edgewise! and you know she’s not
    putting out only when she feels like it, and he’s probably massaging her
    and making her breakfast.

  • theFORCEismyallie

    Are these animal mutilations’ only of cattle and horses? What about other
    animals like sheep, pigs, etc? Why only farm animals?. What is it that
    these animals have that other animals don’t have that is so interesting to
    these UFOs?

  • Cynthia Juengel

    Damn! I wanted to hear the last, and most shocking and important point of
    Linda’s 1st subject….. but Richie CUT HER OFF , and never let her finish
    the story! Damn! She was at the end of the story, and he WOULDN’T LET HER
    FINISH!! Then never asked her to finish…… RUDE!

  • Steve WideAwake

    now that NASA has been exposed as a fraud and the ball earth has been
    debunked I can say this story sounds like bull shit. No alien from outer
    space has done this. Grow up people Santa and the tooth fairy don’t exist.

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