Jim Horn – Sharia Law Threatens Western Civilization

Jim Horn is a retired US Diplomat, author, and counter-jiadhi activist. He is the author of Experiencing Islam: Becoming Islam-Aware, Moslem Men Fear Women, and Islam in the Workplace: Moslems in the Workplace.

Jim joins us to discuss Islam, Sharia Law, globalism, and many other relevant topics. First, Jim tells us about his background. We learn about his first-hand experience with jihadis while working as a US diplomat. Next, we discuss the threat political Islam poses to the West. Jim cites the existence of “no-go” zones as evidence that multiculturalism isn’t working in Europe. The first hour also covers Jim’s letter to Sweden, the legal nature of the Quran, and the threat Sharia law poses to America.

In the members’ hour, we begin by discussing the history of Islamic conquest and debunking the idea of the Islamic Golden Age. Switching gears, we consider whether or not mass multiculturalism could lead to serious civil unrest. Jim then takes the opportunity to warn us about the effects of an increasingly diverse police force. Later, we dive deeper into Islamic history, exploring Muhammad’s life, motivations, and much more. The show concludes with a discussion on the various types of Islam, including the Salafism favored by the Islamic State.

Guest’s website: http://www.jamesehorn.com

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  • Mainstream Commercial Nihilism

    Someone should just blow up the Kaaba and the Grand Mosque in Mecca. Idolatry is a powerful force in Islam. It would go a long way toward demoralizing and defeating our enemies.

  • Femwolf1111

    No such thing as sharia law, it’s a made-up false ideology, made-up by some really radical thinkers, the only Law is Universal Law… Get over it!

  • Cheryl Johnson

    Islam is NOT a religion but an idology to conquer and destroy. Men self pleasure and women property to use, sell and throw away.

  • gjjd

    He looks like the kind of guy who adopts a Vietnamese kid so that he can share Jeebus with a kid who would not otherwise be reached by his Jeebus.

  • Lara Green

    I see that your subscriber list has about doubled, Henrik … was that your hope?  Or do you actually believe that even more division will help the world somehow?

  • BitFan

    Marxism and its ideological byproducts: 3rd wave feminism, Communism, Leninism, Trotskyism, Maoism, Khmer Rouge, Sandistas, Chavista are all a radical form of Judaism for the gullible Goyims. A skunk by any other names, still stinks.

    Radical 3rd wave Feminism is a customized version of radical Judaism for naive Western women to be subjugated to. its goals are: to divide, conquer, and pollute relationships between the genders in society and it’s working.

    Political Correctness, also, a Marxist ideology plays the same role between races, religions, and cultures, where the slightest “difference” is automatically interpreted as “adversary.” Only incompetent, ignorant, and malevolent people would support these diabolical ideologies.


    Sharia law in the western world?…LOL! The Zionism psychological game is working on you so called white people. The Koran is nothing but a cheap commentary of the HOLY BIBLE

  • alex91ivanov

    The amount of islamic goatfuckers in comment section is shocking. Red Ice TV, please, stop being so optimistic about Russia in your episodes. This scares the shit out of me. We definitely not your enemies but it’s better to not to talk about us then to state something like we are not a threat.

  • krew666666

    this guy must be on his knees all day for the Jews…Sure Islam will not integrate with Western Nations ,,,…who does he think let these people in…? Rat Jews

  • Daniel Hammarberg

    Cultural Marxism threatens (and destroys) European civilization. If I had to choose between that and sharia law, I’d definitely choose the latter. People concerned about sharia law and “Islamization” should really stop and think about their societies today, and the influence a certain tribe has had on them. Islam isn’t the problem.

  • bonzii420

    Basically Islam tried to take over Europe for A thousand years,when all they needed to do was wait for The (((Brews))) to Take it over instead,then they would just hand over in order to clear them out of the middle East and make way for greater Israel!

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