The Real Reason the MSM is Fake News

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  • MikeM CrayZeyes

    Boom. I still want that BOB you packed. Its getting bad everywhere. War, weather, economy, and politics are all over the place and getting worse.


    NOTE: If the jews are in control of everything, why do they choose to reside and immigrate to the armpit of the planet? just wondering..

  • Marc James Levesque

    Food, the one thing Americans DON’T have to worry about. OMG if I hear anymore about ‘survival gear’ I’m going to laugh myself to death.

  • your eminence

    USA IS ZOG Did C. Green pass the Hitler test.i.e. Hitler was the good guy. Gen. Patten found out and was killed before he could tell the people. Just one of many facts hidden and lied about to the SHEEPLE. Pepe LIVES !

  • Axel Janes

    5 minutes in. While I agree with you, it SHOULDNT be that way, it SHOULD just be about reporting FACTS. That’s it. No spin no bullshit.

    Stock market at record highs thanks to Trump. Unemployment at 4.3, lowest its ever been in 16 years, with millions of jobs needed filled. FACTS. If MSM reported FACTS Trumps approval would be 90% and we’d have a United and happy country.

  • Kenneth Goforth

    Cris I may not always agree with u, but I do like the way you present yourself and myself u believe in honesty.

  • J P

    Well spoken, I woke up after trump got elected. I’ve had ulcerative colitis for three years and I was a little more half asleep at the time to be honest, still able to see logically though and saved myself and now learned the remaining story of what one could classify as a best selling horror story in it’s theme and design in relation to our culture.

    Thanks for your efforts, heroes come in all forms….

  • acgillespie

    Hip Hop Saved the world and thank god for all the criminal negro’s that give us all something to laugh at and about and white females to get some great sex with

  • Chris Boudro

    we knw so what do the sheep do about any of this while people talk about it and make money off the cogs the human resources?

  • the cunninghams

    For every action there is an equal reaction, for every cause there is an effect. Try as they might and as echoed throughout the ages, the free will of humanity could not, is not and can not be broken. As a catalyst Chris, you have my eternal gratitude.

  • Debbra Hill-Frank

    Thank you!! That Clock Work Orange picture got my attention. lol.
    And I really liked your truths.
    Peace- 1Truthseeriam
    ps. subscribed ; )

  • William Williams

    I love you Christopher Greene BECAUSE you make me unhappy and THEN I have to think, listen again and think some more. Thanks for giving me a stomach ache, and then a headache and then a paradigm ache. After I am done with all the ache I am better.

  • Sarabella Gignac

    Spicer was Allowing > FAKE-Stream Reporters to > Run Down the Clock & SUCK the Oxygen > out of the > Daily White House Press Briefings

    BLOCKING Real Vibrant questions > about Trump’s Progress across exciting Projects like Education Science Space Tourism Jobs Agriculture Jobs Etc > Exciting Programs > he talked about at his Rallies > Projects he’s Actually Winning On & Getting Done > but you would never know it > because they Intentionally Run Down the Clock > and Laugh about it after > Intentionally Keeping Exciting Progress From The American People

    So the Fake Reporters are texting each other > variations of the same question TO RUN DOWN THE CLOCK > Keeping Vibrant Questions out of the Room > so AMERICA can have a False sense of President Trump Progress > Youtube the Title > { HULU and TELEVISONs Are DEADLY , And I’ll PROVE it }

  • Sarabella Gignac

    This is No Joke >>> video platform > HULU < << is a "Mind-Meld-MUSH-Patent" > Parents > heck Everybody Heads up > must see (13 min video) > Just this week > Julian Assange said > the greatest threat to humanity > is “artificial intelligence” AI > within media … > creating a False a reality > because like a Chess master > the AI will be 30 to 50 times ahead of humans > and the Lies will be undetectable and dangerous > causing poor to fatal choices > think old cigarette advertising > the masses believed it was ok because it was on TV > we need to turn up the heat > on this conversation > Youtube the title > This Creepy Patent Proves They Can Remotely Hijack Your Nervous System

  • Sarabella Gignac

    Julian Assange Warns That Humanities Greatest Problem will be when > AI “Artificial Intelligence” Blends Lies and Fake/False Realities together throughout Media!!! > at Grand Chess Master level in Realtime Youtube the Title > { HULU and TELEVISONs Are DEADLY , And I’ll PROVE it }

    Just this week Fake news retracted 185 lies? because they know legally they have 14 days to retract … or they can be sued > so think about that > 185 lies were they coordinated? Remember Assange said that his biggest concern for Humanity is when AI “artificial intelligence” blends with media of all types simultaneous realtime… Like a grand Chess master that’s 40 moves ahead… Running simultaneous blended lies in real time .… >>> Humanity will not be able to tell the truth from fiction…

    Additionally AI can > and does > at the same time > seamlessly almost undetectably > switch words in and out of focus > undetectable by the conscious mind > but deeply detectable by the sub-conscious mind >

    We need a new product that can be brought to market > that will independently video record what our eyes are seeing > that can be slowed down later > that will be able to detect bait and switch verbiage > that happened so fast > only our Subconscious mind can catch it > not our conscious mind

    therefore our conscious mind is in direct conflict with our subconscious intake > This is tavistock level head hacking > and they should be charged for such a crime…

    Let’s get this conversation started > round table it > master group it > let it be known that our subconscious and conscious minds are being told two different things > at the same time > causing instant Hegelian dialectic …

    Which reduces IQ and causes measurable mental problems … like fear/anxiety/hate/thoughts of suicide etc…. This Deceit > should be treated as a class A drug … 3 times and you’re out “off the air waves” It can be proven to cause poor > to often fatal > life choices > based on false information..

    As if that’s not deadly enough > technology exists that > through a patch behind all computer screen and phone is a receiver that is triggered to send 2.4 HZ mood altering signals to your Subconscious mind … Like a LillyWave that penetrates the human skull > remember we humans are Electromagnetic 1st and chemical 2nd > let’s Uncloak these Evil Tavistock Level Head Hacking tools ASAFP > because like a poisonous Invisible Gas > this Technology is Deadly Youtube the Title > { HULU and TELEVISONs Are DEADLY , And I’ll PROVE it }

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