Why UFO Disclosure May Never Happen, Derek Tyler

Why UFO Disclosure May Never Happen, Derek Tyler

Derek Tyler https://www.amazon.com/Alien-Contact-Difficult-Truth-1/dp/0692668705
When it comes to Aliens,
The name of the game is:
If it’s not strange,
then it’s probably got nothing to do with aliens!
Alien technology is not only far ahead of us,
But it’s the product of an alien mind,
So sci-fi, that it’s beyond sci-fi,
and our military has access to it!
There are both Alien abductions & military abductions,
This world is being silently colonized through the use of hybrids,
Changing our genetic makeup by inserting themselves into the population.
There are friendly races out there,
But it seems that they’re not in control,
Either they don’t have the ability to help,
Or they’re just not doing it.
I don’t see any evidence that the plebeians have done anything to help,
So the people who talk about them and the spiritual transformation,
Are full of shit!

It’s the man eating reptilian conglomerate that has in control of earth orbit & mars,
They also greatly influence our political and military leadership.
They’ve been here since the beginning of human kind.
And we better hope that full public disclosure never happens,
Because if it does, that means the war is over, and we’ve lost!

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