Psychographics 101


What do you get when you combine behavioural science with big data and use the new Frankenstein hybrid to better influence people’s thoughts, opinions and desires? Why, psychographics of course! Join James today as he delves into the murky world of billionaire hedge fund owners, creepy thought manipulators and the Trump campaign.


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  • marcvs ahl al-khatwa

    You keep talking about this “privacy” thing, what does it mean? Can I eat it, can I drink it, can I consume it in any way? If not, I’m not interested…


    Edward Bernays is stirring happily in his grave. This is an addendum to Century of the Celf in a Tron binary scape.


    “People will come to love their oppression, to adore the technologies that undo their capacities to think.”

    – Aldous Huxley

  • M. K.

    Thanks for this! Really a totalirian feel to it, takes away the democratic feel of elections/votes if they are rigged with psychographics and most likely “nudging” for some finetuning. Disgusting really.

    Oh and if cambridge analytics trains psy ops etc they sure know how to use body language themselves, i would never trust them; denying to not wake up sheeple.

  • stubhead

    I really, really, really hope you get over the use of your ~~”Corbettrepor-teers”~~ terminology. Soon. I feel… soiled. Really.

  • passemup2

    This type of “reverse advertisement” is not all that new. It is just getting promoted and used at the highest levels of exposer by the most powerful source. Old term B-Mod.

  • Katherine Chapman

    For once I don’t agree with you that this is super creepy and dangerous. I work in market research, and if you could hear the hair-raising stuff I listen to, you would think this is as tame as a neighborhood bake sale. Because they don’t have the backing of the creepiest people on Earth, the vampiric Luciferian cult that controls most of the world’s money and power, billionaires like this are considered nobodies among the elite. If there is any such thing as a white hat remaining among the wealthy business class, people like Mercer are wearing it.

    The really huge danger is not in the collection of data for marketing purposes, even if they’re marketing candidates, but in the plan by the UN and their bankster cronies to literally control all the resources of the world. Peter Thiel, because he’s part of this cabal at a low level, is 100 times more creepy to me than somebody trying to help England become an independent country again or remove the Skull and Bones criminal cabal from power in the US.

  • mr bigglesworth

    I’m eerily reminded here of the Hollerith Machine’s used by the NAZI’s to profile ethnic groups in WWII. Information in the wrongs hands can be very dangerous indeed. Check out – “IBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance between Nazi Germany and America’s Most Powerful Corporation” by Edwin Black

  • ghost of jdizzle

    Just get off the internet, ALWAYS use cash (goes without saying) and stop your digital trail in it’s tracks

  • Mark Pulice

    I am not my browser history. It sounds like a fun way to troll data collectors though. Like he says if you think your able to be controlled you will be.

  • Aubrey Dana

    Sorry, but that guy is giving himself way too much credit. Trump said the obvious and he was running against a woman nobody could stand. That’s all the analytics you need to understand Trump’s victory. If you want to ward off the marketing vampires, stay off social media.

  • Ryan Donelan

    I’m a millennial and I completely agree with you James, that this is very worrying and I am very concerned about what is to come of all this data and how it will inevitably be used to manipulate the common man in one way or another.

  • Martin Bennett

    I’ve had personal experience of producing software for global companies, and that experience is that their models were nonsense. But I got paid 🙂

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